Training Log – Monday, March 20, 2017

Unfortunately, I deleted some of my videos from last week and then decided not to post my training log because of it. Now, I’m back on track 🙂 This is the start of Week 12 and I am a little less than 3 weeks out from my next meet! Some highlights from last week’s training is:
1. Hit a PR high bar squat at 290# on Monday
2. Hit a PR low bar squat at 320# on Friday
3. Hit a PR 3rm deadlift from 4″ blocks at 345# on Friday
4. Matched my best bench press at 175# on Saturday

I also attended the seminar held by Travis and Zach Even-esh at the Mash Compound. It was an amazing seminar with so much information that I can use moving forward in my career. First up, will be some kids’ camps in Greensboro starting in June at GSO CrossFit with our team PT, John Davidson!

On to this week’s training log…

Yesterday was an amazing day!!!!

Day 1 Week 12

Back Squats

  • 93% for 2×1 (295#)
  • 95% for 2×1 (305#)

  • work up if feel good (no need; just PRd on Fri)
  • 78% for 2×3 speed pause squats (250#)


  • 85% 1×2 (300#)
  • 90% 1×2 (320#)
  • 93% 1×2 (330#)
  • 95% 1×1 (340#)
  • Work up if feel good. 95% felt great so jumped up to 365# for a 10# PR!!! I really felt like I had more in me!!

    GHDs 3×5 – used a 25# plate for the back extensions

    It was such an awesome training day yesterday! Time to keep the momentum going!

Next meet: April 8

Weight: 71.3k

IG: @crystalmac_72

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