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Scuba and I are getting ready for the Attitude Nation Weightlifting Meet Nov. 10th. Both of us hope to qualify for the American Open. The last time I was there was 1999, so I really want to make it. 3 months ago, I was way above the total, but I had some major shoulder problems that held me back for two months. I’m close, but I need a lot of prayers. I want to do it to motivate the other 40+ year olds out there.

The gym as a whole rocked it today, so I’m on cloud nine right now!

Here was today’s workout for Scuba and me.
Day 2
P. Snatch HS
P. Clean HS
OH Squats max 3
Jerks Max 1
Bench 3x5reps start with 80%+10lbs
Bentover Rows 10RM then -5% and -10%

Here are my results.
P. Snatch 100/1
P. clean 135
OH Sq 107/3
Jerk 153/1, 158/mx2, 156/1, 162/1
Pull-ups & Rows

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