The Bud Pearce Story

Below is another awesome story from the Attitude Nation Online Army! If you are not already, you have three more weeks to be a part of this movement.

Lessons from a Rookie…Part 1
After years of training and competing in all aspects of fitness (bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit), I have finally made the official jump. For the last 3 weeks, I have been a part of The Attitude Nation Weightlifting Team. Coached by Travis Mash and Team Captain Jon North, the team is more than I can ask for. My programming is all done with intentional purpose by Coach Mash. My lifts are analyzed by Coach Mash and the other coaches of the team. And the best part, the team atmosphere. I have talked with my teammates about training. About the daily struggle to grab the barbell. The talk is always full of encouragement and positivity. We feed off each other. It’s an ever-growing army!

Attacking the work each day is a task all by itself. The volume and intensity is nothing like I have ever felt before. Complexes and drop sets fill the workload as my eyes fight to see the finish line. Each rep, each drop of sweat is another step closer to the end…wherever it is. My legs gets stronger, my feet get faster. My focus is always a must. Without it, all hope is lost.

I sit on the bench, staring at the bar full of different sized discs. It’s the enemy. We go 12 rounds day after day. It spits me out and I slam it down. The fight is always the best and worst part. It’s the fight that has gotten me addicted. Every day is a battle. Every set is a chance for victory…or a chance for defeat. It’s knowing that…that drives me. That pushes me. That helps give encouragement to my teammates, and they reciprocate favor.

We are all pulling in the same direction. All marching, step-by-step, in unison. We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we know what we’re looking for…

Gold Medals.

To follow Bud’s blog, here is the link to this and other stories of his weightlifting struggle:

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