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Here is a blog that I published over a year ago. It’s an interesting take on the BarBell! Hopefully it will be a little added motivation to help you attack training with more passion than ever!

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Last weekend at my “Learn 2 Lift” at Gaglione Strength in Long Island, NY, I explained how the Barbell will reveal the future. The Barbell will tell one just how much courage they have. The Barbell will tell a lifter if they are a risk taker. The Barbell will tell a person if they have what it takes to succeed in this life. Will you attack life head on, or will you make the safe move like everyone told you to make? The Barbell will tell you if you are a quitter. The Barbell will open your eyes to your future, but remember there is always time for change.

When you load the bar to 300lbs for the first time in the Snatch, will you go under it? If you don’t go under it, will you just quit, or will you go at it again? If you want to be Governor of your state, will you actually run for office? If you lose, will you run again? Guys it is all the same! When you are about to try something for the first time, do you sit up a little straighter? When you are about to try something new that might cause you to lose your savings, heck maybe your life, do you stand up straight, confident, and bold as to say, “Bring it”?

The only way to accomplish anything extraordinary in this life is with risk. When a Squat Bar loaded to 1000lbs is staring at you wanting to crush you, will you attack that bar with relentless determination? I understand more and more why Weightlifting Talk is a “BlackSheep Lifestyle”! We are a family of determined Bar Slammers that were put on this earth for more than lifting weights! We were put on this earth for a revolution! We were put here to leave an impact that will be felt for generations to come!

We will go under 300lbs! We will destroy 1000lbs! We will become the Governor of our state! We will see Weightlifting become a Team Sport in High School! We will start our own corporation! I believe that The Attitude Nation and the MashMafia are true BlackSheep. We will not be afraid to take risk. Just because our parents, siblings, and friends couldn’t do something, doesn’t mean that we can’t. It just means that we will try harder. Failure isn’t an option, but if it happens, we will get back up and try again! Our new life slogan is”

“Because you couldn’t, I will”!!!!!!!!!

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