The Attitude Nation Level II Camp

I don’t have time to go into major detail, but I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to tell the world how proud that I am that I was a part of the best strength camp in America. Where else can you get two International Level Weightlifters, a Nationally ranked female weightlifter, a World Champion Powerlifter, and two world renowned Crossfit coaches in the same room. We had a world champion powerlifter, an elite ranking female powerlifter, and a Nationally ranked female weightlifter just hanging around helping out and lifting heavy weights with campers. All that I am saying is that at the next Level II Camp with Jon and Jessica North, Donnie Shankle, Ryan Grady, Ben Taylor, Rebecca Gerdon, Greg and Lyndsey Nuckols, and Travis and Drew Mash you need to do whatever it takes to get there if you are serious about strength.

These campers where awesome as well, and I promise that I feel like family to all of you that participated. I expect for each of you to keep in touch, and ask me any questions that you have. We slammed bars together, we learned together, and we sweat together, and in my book that means we are “heavy weight slamming” brothers and sisters. You guys are now a part of The Attitude Nation and Mash Elite Performance! Keep learning, never be satisfied, and keep crushing weight!

Travis Mash
Twitter: @MashElite

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