The 4-Hour Workweek Applied to Life

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The 4-Hour Workweek Applied to Life


My wife, Drew, and I brought our son, Rock, to Daytona Beach a few days prior to my Learn 2 Lift in Kissimmee, FL. It’s a few days to defrag, rest, and enjoy my family. My wife and I use the time to discuss our future and read good books. I am reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss, and my wife is reading, “Selling the Invisible” by Harry Beckwith. We read for a few hours, and then we take a long walk on the beach and swap notes.

It’s a great way to free our minds, and to let our imaginations mold alternate realities. “The 4-Hour Workweek” is a great book to challenge your view of reality. It’s also a great book to free your mind. I am only 100 pages in, and I have a page of notes. The book challenges everything that the world says is realistic. I have always been one to decide for myself what is realistic, but this book challenges even me.

The key to having the opportunity to do great things is the ability to free your brain of limits. If you think that the world record Snatch is impossible to reach, then you are absolutely right. If you believe that the world record snatch is possible, you are right. As we grow up, we have people that support us, and we have people that don’t. Unfortunately, it’s the negativity that sticks in our brains. It’s the voices saying, “You aren’t good enough”, or “Come on be realistic” that stick our brains.

Here’s the crazy thing! It’s probably easier to accomplish the unrealistic than the realistic. Everyone in the world is shooting for the realistic, so there is more competition. Everyone is trying to be a lawyer or an accountant, so it’s a lot harder because the demand is higher. Trying to contact the CEO of Facebook isn’t something that anyone is trying to do.

This can be applied to almost anything. Everyone is trying to play ball in college, but only a few are thinking Pro. I mean really thinking pro. A lot of people say that they want to play in the pros, but only a small few really mean it. I played football at Appalachian State University with a guy named Matt Stephens. He was a walk on that came to college determined to play in the NFL. While the rest of us were at parties, he was going to bed early. When we were home for the summer, he stayed at school preparing for the next year.

He was determined to do the unrealistic. He was willing to make all the sacrifices to reach the unrealistic goal. I work with so many athletes that tell me they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. 99% of the time, they are just giving me lip service. Only a select few are really willing to do all the things that are necessary to truly be great. Matt was! He was drafted in the third round of the NFL draft, and he played 7 years in the NFL acquiring a Super Bowl ring during his tenure while playing for the Patriots.

God has blessed me with the ability to influence a pretty big portion of the population. This is an enormous responsibility as people ask me all the time questions like, “What career should I choose”, or “Should I pursue the Olympics”. When I answer questions like this, I take my answers super seriously. I care about each and every person that follows my work. I am honored to have all of you to teach the things that I hold so dear to my heart. The last thing that I want to do is lead you astray.

Hopefully you can all learn about decision making from my wife and me. This weekend, Drew and I have thought long and hard about our futures. We have been looking at places that we want to visit, people we want to minister to, and experiences that we want to make happen. First, we look at how God can be honored. Second, we make sure that nothing we are doing is against any of God’s precepts. After that, we look at worse case scenarios.

By worse case scenarios, I mean if things don’t work out, how will I recover? How long would it take me to bounce back financially? Normally, there is never a real risk. Our brains will always play negative games with us, so we just have to look at it with the facts in mind. Remember, there is always going to be risk. There isn’t a 100% safe move in life. CEOs get fired. Accountants get fired. Fortune 500 Companies shut down. When they do, a lot of people are left in the dust.

I decided early on that I would make my own security. Being an entrepreneur in the fitness world is a highly competitive world. I have always been able to be successful because I care about the people that I am servicing. When I tell someone that I can help him or her reach his or her goals, I truly intend on doing just that. It has always been my edge. My passion is helping people, and that shows through online.

The thing that keeps me sleeping at night in peace is that I have faith that Christ will take care of me. I also know that I am willing to work as hard as it takes to care for my family. If I go broke, I know that I am willing to work three jobs to get back on my feet. That’s what I did to get where I am now, and I know that I can do it again. There is nothing to ever be afraid of if you are willing to work hard. I am, so I am not afraid.

You shouldn’t be afraid either! Attack life! Remember it’s probably easier to do the unrealistic than the realistic. Why not be the one that goes for the unrealistic?

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