A Conversation with Jon North Post-Cardiac Arrest

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A Conversation with Jon North Post-Cardiac Arrest

Yesterday I had the chance to speak with Jon North on the phone. When someone close to you has a heart attack and survives, hearing their voice is more precious than ever. I appreciated every moment of that phone call. It’s too bad that humans can’t appreciate the everyday communication with the ones that we love.


Imagine getting a phone call from your mother after being revived from flat lining how excited would you be? You should think about that the next time that you talk to someone you love. This year has been an eye-opening year for me losing Chris Moore and now almost losing Jon North. It’s made me re-evaluate everything.

Here are some serious questions that you need to ask yourself:

1. Why do I do what I do?

2. What do I value in life?

3. What are my priorities?

The answers to these questions are great guides for your life no matter who you are. I wish that I had known that Chris wouldn’t be around anymore the last time that we spent time together. I would have valued those moments even more. I would have listened to every word. I would have asked deeper questions.

Relationships are the most important to me. My relationship with God, family, and friends is the most important to me. Sometimes along the path of life I get off track. I believe that God allows certain things to happen to place me back on that path. Right now that path seems like a straight line.

If relationships are important to you, then you should act like it. Last night when I got home from coaching, I was in the back yard with Rock. That moment was like magic to me. He’s only two but we were playing ball together. A boy and his dad in the back yard are moments that the child will remember forever. I remember those times with my dad, and each one is precious to me. I want Rock to have as many of those memories as possible.

After talking to Jon on the phone, I started thinking how important each moment is with the ones that I love. Last night playing ball with Rock, I was noticing every expression on his little face. I watched the way the wind was blowing his little blonde hair. Each laugh from his mouth was like the most beautiful music that I had ever heard.


Why do bad things have to happen for us to appreciate these moments? I believe that if we make ‘reflection’ a priority, we will spend a lifetime of appreciating every moment. If you just take one hour out of each week and reflect of the answers to the three questions above, you will keep a perspective that will lead to a life of fulfillment.

The only reason that we sway from the path is because we allow life’s distractions to fill our brains. Those distractions sometimes leave very little room for what’s important. Last night, I literally grabbed my pregnant wife and danced in the kitchen with no music playing. We danced to the music of our love for each other. If this sounds silly to you, then I feel sorry for you. Anyone that has loved a woman properly knows exactly what I am talking about.


I could hear the voice of a changed man yesterday as I talked to Jon. The things that he valued had literally taken a 180-degree turn. He talked about God and family the entire conversation. I could hear a peace in his voice that never existed before. He even said that he was glad that this happened because now his eyes were opened for the first time.

I believe that God has big thing in store for Jon. I believe that his values and priorities are clearer than ever. I believe that his mission has been revealed to him. I for one am excited to see the resurrected Jon North attack life with a greater purpose.

Yesterday I created a GoFundMe account to help Jon and his family while he recovers. Jon makes a living just like me through seminars, content creation, and coaching. If he can’t work, that income slows down. He spends his life trying to inspire all of us, so now it’s our turn to give back. Let’s help our man Jon North as he begins the roads to recovering from cardiac arrest.

⇒ https://www.gofundme.com/JonNorthRecovery/

I for one am excited to see the Champ back on his feet. I foresee a reunion of sorts. What will that reunion look like? I am not sure yet, but I definitely want to see him more and help with a few of his new plans. Maybe the Dark will be introduced to the light. (Inside Joke with Jon) Who knows? I just know that I almost lost a friend, so I definitely want to spend more time with him, Jessica, and Lincoln. Keep praying for him guys and get ready for Jon North 2.0.

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