Simply Outwork the Competition like Tori Brady

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Simply Outwork the Competition like Tori Brady

I joke with my athletes about making it into my circle. We have athletes show up all the time that think they want to be on our team only to leave after a month or two. That started happening a couple of years ago, so I am slow to get attached to an athlete until I see that they are going to stick.

We work very hard, and our athletes are absolutely driven for success. A lot of people think that they are driven until they workout with my bunch of nuts. These guys and gals are a bunch of misfits. They don’t fit in with the rest of the world. They eat, sleep, and train. That’s all they do. The rest of the world doesn’t understand that, and even most athletes can’t really grasp it.


Yesterday I watched Tori Brady Back Squat 110k for 20 repetitions. That’s 80% of her current max. Obviously her max has gone up, but watching that set was awe-inspiring. She brake out in tears with 8-reps to go, and she still grinded through each and every rep. She is determined to be the best, and I am not betting against her. I have watched her total skyrocket nearly 40 kilos within the first 6-months of her coming to the compound.

She made it into my circle because her heart is bigger than her mission. Here’s what I mean by that. Her goal is of course to become the best female weightlifter in America. Yes of course she has talent, but that’s not why I would bet on her. I know plenty of people with wasted talent. It’s her work ethic that will get her to the top. I wrote her a work ethic that would kill 99% of all athletes. It’s designed to add muscle specifically in the quads hence the 20-rep squats, strengthen the entire core, and increase work capacity. I monitor her closely because we are taking her right to edge, and my job is to not let her go over that edge.

At this point I am convinced that she can’t be broken, which brings me to the point of the story that I want all of you to take away. Last week, Tori was on our turf section outside completing her work capacity/GPP. She did everything that was prescribed, and then she added things like sled rope pull and tire flips. I watched in awe as she kept going and going.

She finally looked up to notice that I was watching, and I simply shook my head and said, “You are the hardest worker that I have ever seen.”

She replied by saying, “If someone beats me, it won’t be because they outworked me.”

That statement fired me up. It’s the exact motto that I lived by as an athlete, and it’s the very reason that I became a world champion. I refused to let anyone outwork me. Like Tori, I didn’t start out as the best strength athlete. I took down people on the ranking list one total at a time by outworking them and being smarter than them.

All of you have two things that you can control: work capacity and knowledge. You can’t control genetics. That was on your parents, but you can control your work ethic and the amount of time you spend learning new ideas that might help you. Tori has built her work capacity higher than most athletes in the entire world. That means her body can now take a higher workload. Here’s the thing:

Higher workload simply equals more results. The more abuse that you can strategically place on the place will force an equal adaptation response for the body to get stronger. That’s the way that Tori has seen so much success. Of course she is surrounded by great teammates to push her and Coach McCauley to get her technique sharpened up, but it’s her work ethic that has made all the difference.

You guys can control that one aspect of your training. The old phrase “work smarter not harder” should really state “work smarter and harder”. There is no replacing hard work. You can pretend all you want. That pretending gets you beat by athletes like Tori and Jacky Bigger.

These athletes are coming one workout at a time. Are you willing to do the same? If not, stop pretending. Don’t say that you want to be a champion unless you are willing to put in the work. If you are not willing to put in the work, it’s just a hobby for you. That’s ok too. I am just saying to be honest with yourself.

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