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Mash Evolution

World champion and world-class coach Travis Mash brings you the latest and greatest improvements to his always-changing and always-improving programming system. This guide contains:

  • Detailed analysis of new innovations and timeless principles in writing monster programs
  • What Travis has learned as he has continued to change his approach based on results from hundreds of programs for high-level athletes
  • Twelve massive 20-week programs in a variety of disciplines and volume levels that will deliver unbelievable gains

Do What You Want

World champion and world-class coach Travis Mash brings you the comprehensive resource that shows you the art and science of training multiple disciplines simultaneously. This guide contains:

  • The core principles and guidelines you need to know to program for multiple athletic (and sometimes conflicting) goals
  • Ten ready-to-use 12-week programs in a variety of combinations of strength disciplines
  • Over 250 pages of the best experience and science has to offer on concurrent training programs

Mash Blueprint

World Champion and World-Class Coach Travis Mash has boiled down decades of experience into the simplest and most effective way to build your own strength training programs.

  • Variations for different training schedules
  • Approaches for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, or super total (weightlifting and powerlifting combo)
  • Guidelines on how to alter the program for a lifetime of continued strength gains
  • Protocols for assistance work and cardio

Mash Jacked

The latest science combined with decades of experience – giving your real muscle-building results.

  • The critical factors science has shown to influence hypertrophy – and how to combine them strategically into a program
  • Six finely-tuned eight-week cycles for weightlifting, powerlifting, a weightlifting/powerlifting combo, bodybuilding, athletic performance, and youth athletic performance
  • Guidelines on how to seemlessly integrate these hypertrophy programs with other strength-based program cycles


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