Potential! The Open Doors Mission!

“…and because we believe this, we will do everything within our power to see these young people reach their full potential and live out their purpose.”

Above is a little insight into the DNA of Open Doors Christian Coaching. As a values-based organization we know that everything we do with and say to our clients/athletes needs to benefit them and help them move towards success.

We believe all human beings are created in the image of God. Not only are we created in the image of God, but we all have purpose as well (to glorify the one whose image we bear). Because of this, the means to fulfill that purpose lies within us. In other words, we hold within us the potential to do whatever it is we were created to do.

I did a little research on the word potential and the most interesting thing I found was that the main idea behind the word is possibility. When potential is in the equation, nothing is impossible.

Imagine with me a community of people who fully believe that they not only have the ability to accomplish great things, but also expect it of themselves because of who they have been created to be. This community would be unstoppable and would change the world, without a doubt.

Open Doors Christian Coaching will help young people realize that they are world-changers. They will know they have purpose, and they will know that they possess all the potential necessary to fulfill their purpose.

This knowledge will greatly impact all the young people we coach; however, we recognize that while knowledge is power, knowledge also requires action in order to produce a positive outcome. Our challenge to these young people will be to take what they learn with us and begin to put it into action in their daily lives. When they do this, they will not just have changed their own situation, but they will also be changing and impacting those who live with them as well.

Open Doors Christian Coaching exists to foster change within communities through individuals who have already been endowed with the purpose, potential, and power to bring it. All we want to do is mobilize a group of young people with open eyes to take this message into their world and turn it upside down for good.

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