Dr. Stuart McGill and Brian Carroll on the Gift of Injury – The Barbell Life 188

It was an honor having Dr. McGill back on the show and this time with World-Class Powerlifter Brian Carroll to discuss the process of healing Brian’s back–a journey they detail in the book they co-wrote, The Gift of Injury.

Both Brian and I share similar beliefs that our injuries were some of the best things that happened to our lifting. We both found Dr. McGill, who’s absolutely amazing when it comes to working with injured high-level lifters. From Dr. McGill, we both learned that we needed to pay attention to how we moved and practice good back hygiene. We started implementing better warm-up routines, mobilizations, and core activation work that helped us lift more and with better movement. Doing that has paid off for both me and my athletes. The injury itself also both showed us that we can be tough and overcome such a serious blow like an injury and come out on top. We may not be invincible, but we’re damn tough.

So it really is true that injury can sometimes be a gift. It may not be something you want, but as you’ll learn from the podcast today, there’s plenty to learn from an injury and the recovery from it can even make you into a much better athlete than you ever were before. It did for Brian and me.

You’ll hear more about this concept of the gift of injury on today’s show. Enjoy.

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  • Dr. McGill’s “Big Three” core exercises, why and when you should do them
  • The non-negotiable exercises for injury treatment and prevention in strength athletes
  • The importance of how you correct for a failing lift or hard lift.
  • Belt Squats, carries, reverse hypers
  • The first two words that almost always come out of Stu McGill’s mouth
  • Movement assessment protocols and spine hygiene
  • and more

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