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These are wise words most commonly spoken by my friend and co-host on Weightlifting Talk “The Champ” Jon North. Today I am on my way to Charlotte, NC for another episode of Weightlifting Talk. I am taking with me four of my Mash Mafia Athletes: Caleb, Rebecca I, Rebekah II, and Brealon. Chad Wesley Smith, owner of Juggernaut Training Systems, is going to be on the show today all the way from California. Chad is one of the brightest strength coaches in the business, and owns one of the most popular strength websites in the world Chad has also squatted over 900lbs raw! Boom! I’m sure Donnie Shankle will make an appearance. Then afterwards, Chad and I are visiting The Coach Joe Kenn at the Carolina Panther Stadium. Coach Kenn is the best in the business, and owns an incredible website After all of this we are traveling to Muscle Driver USA to check out Coach Glenn Pendlay and MDUSA Weightlifting Team. Coach Pendlay is arguably the best Olympic Weightlifting Coach in America. In one day I will be around more brains in my industry than most people will meet in their lives. I truly love my life! FYI you are not going to want to miss today’s Weightlifting Talk, so here is the link:

There is a way to go about your life, and form lasting friendships and relationships with people that you want to associate with throughout your life. Here is how you do that!

1. Have the right motivation with people! What I mean is don’t just try to associate with people that can help you. Ask yourself, “What can I do for them?” Sincerely want to help others, and guess what they will see that in you. Most people want to help others that have the heart of giving.

2. Be nice! That seems obvious but most people miss the boat on this one. The think that arrogance and pride will pave them a way through life, but they are wrong! People ask me all the time, “Travis how did you meet all of these people?” I tell them of course being the world champion Powerlifter helped, but being nice won them over.

3. Be true to your word! I had a lot of trouble with this one early on in life, but when Christ entered my heart, being sincere became a priority. I still have trouble getting back to all of my Weightlifting Talk and Mash Mafia Family, but they all know that I go above and beyond to answer their questions on the Podcast or in my Blog. Keeping your “word” is so rare in today’s world that it will quickly separate you from the other sheep. A true Black Sheep is faithful!

4. Last, have something to offer! If you are an actor, practice your craft more than anyone else. If you are a strength coach, turn the TV off and study you craft. True professionals can see right through a fake in seconds.

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