Jon North v. Rookies Findings and Insight


Today is a day off, so I have a little time to reflect. This week has been full of great happenings with the uniting of the MashMafia and Attitude Nation Families. Jon and Jessica bring so much positivity to the compound that spills over into all areas of the facility. My young athletes push themselves harder than ever when they see an Olympic hopeful weightlifter hurling 400+ pounds through the air. My weightlifting team has switched gears since being joined by the Attitude Nation. No one is satisfied with average at our gym, and now everyone has kicked their personal goals even higher.
So far in the first week of training Jon, I have identified several needs that will help to improve his training. My goal is to increase volume without injury or setback. My other goal is to identify any weakness in his structure, attack the weakness, and become stronger in the process. Here are a few weaknesses that we have identified and are targeting:
• Hamstrings
• Upper back
• Low Back
• Shoulder stabilization

Here are some of the ways that we are targeting the weaknesses:
• GHRs, Russian Leans, & heavy pulls
• Rows, pullups, & scap work
• Dr. Stu McGill approved low back stabilization
• Dr. Gray approved shoulder stabilization(all coaches should work closely with a practitioner for best results)

To increase recovery, prevent injuries, and to help expedite the correction of the identified weaknesses, we are doing the following:
• Mobility targeting identified tightness
• Soft tissue work with lacrosse balls, peanuts, and foam rollers
• Dr. Gray performing A.R.T., Graston, K-Laser, acupuncture, and spinal adjustments
• We are slowly changing his nutritional habits and supplementation
• Next week we are administering a blood test that will identify any vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies, so that we can rectify
• Every workout is followed by P.N.F. stretching and soft tissue work

This is what we are trying to do for all of our athletes. We will be performing the following with any existing and incoming athletes:
• One on one interviews to establish goals, and to find out what has worked and what has not in the past
• Functional Movement Screen to target any deficiencies
• Visual assessments during training identifying any weaknesses

Every human is different! No one program fits everyone, but certain things are universal:
• Group atmosphere is a must
• A fearless mindset must be present
• Volume must increase to produce different results
I’m excited to embark on this new adventure. I hope that writing about the experience will be enlightening to people in the future that are competing in or coaching the sport of weightlifting. I feel like we are on this journey together.

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