Jacked Fit 10/23/14, Angie, and Goals

Jacked Fit 10/23/14, Angie, and Goals

Today I performed Angie (100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 air squats), and let me say, it was rough. This was without a doubt the hardest thing that I have ever done. I want to focus on a traditional strength based CrossFit program for another couple of weeks just to get my relative strength up to an acceptable level. Then I am totally focusing on getting jacked for the Grid League.

The Grid Teams are recruiting me because I am a 41 year old strength athlete, so I don’t want to disappoint. I just want to be able to perform all the traditional movements like: muscle-ups, hand stand walks, butterfly pull-ups, etc. Otherwise I am looking to get my strength levels back up to the freaky stage:

Snatch 130k/286lb
Clean & Jerk 165k/363lbs
Squat 700
Bench 450
Deadlift 750

This is going to take a while. I realize that, but I am willing to put the time in now. I want to show my son how to set goals, commit to the goals, and achieve said goals. So far, I am feeling pretty good about things.

Workout #1
Cleans 120k/2, 135k/1, 140k/1
Front Squat 175k/1 paused

Workout #2
The dreaded “Angie”

Attending the group training at Smashed Barbell is reminding me how much I love training with a group. I miss the days of East Coast Barbell where I trained my heart out with my man Ox Mason. Our little group is fun, challenging, and it’s a family. I am blessed to be a part of it!

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