Jacked Fit 10/21/14

Travis Programming

Today was a great step forward in the strength department. I was able to perform two workouts today which really helps me focus on all aspects of the program.

Workout 1
Snatches (Every Minute on the Minute) 80k/1x3sets, 85k/1×2, 90k/1×2, 95k/1×2, 100k(220lbs)/1 I power snatched all of these as I work on mobility and shoulder stabilization.

Back Squats 200k(440lbs) x 3 easy reps, and 170k/5 all of these were easy, so hopefully I will be back in the 220k range next week. Normally when I am getting started the squat strength comes back quickly.

I performed 20 minutes of mobility work before and after the workout. I will video some of the mobility work tomorrow. You will see that mobility is my number one priority right now.

Workout #2
Clean & Jerk 135lbs x 30 reps This took me 3 minutes and 40 seconds which is pretty pathetic. I just really need to work on conditioning, strength, and mobility, but this will all take a little time.

I will film my workouts tomorrow, and I will get some of the warm ups and mobility. I will probably start the “Eat What You Want” Program next week, so I will start blogging about that as well. Today my diet looked like this:

Meal 1 Full bowl of Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, and Honey.

Meal 2 Grilled Chicken Wrap with Barbecue Sauce, Apple, and some extra Fish Oil.

Post Workout Meal 3 Two Chocolate Milks

Meal 4 Vegetable Beef Soup

Meal 5 Yogurt and Berries

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