Evan Wallis Story

I am so proud of my online Attitude Nation Weightlifting Team. These guys and gals are busting their butts to reach their goals, and most of them are getting ready for The Bar Slamming Festival Aug. 30-31. I am going to post some of the team’s stories periodically.

So I’d like to introduce, Evan Wallis:

Hey Coach,

Evan Wallis here. I ll just keep my story short and sweet.

Around 3 years ago I was in a touring band that was going no where and I myself was quite overweight. My good friend and fellow AN teammate Chase Myers had invited me to Crossfit at our box that was and still is non profit. I have been hooked ever since and I owe my passion for the barbell all to Crossfit and Chase Myers. After almost 2 years had gone by I had lost close to 40 pounds and was killing Wod’s left and right. I soon got tired of the randomness of Crossfit and was introduced to weightlifting talk by a friend. I fell in love. With everything. The barbell, the freeness of the black sheep life, the energy, the passion. What you guys have opened up to me through weightlifting talk and Vlog’s has made me finally believe in myself. I am now a Crossfit level one coach at our box which is completely non profit and we have wanted to see if you would entertain the idea of us flying you guys out to train and coach for a day as a charity event to help grow our gym and continue to reach out to the people who cannot afford your typical gym, or to the person that wants to feel like they belong somewhere and not to just give money to a company to where they are just another number. That would just be awesome.

I full time weightlift under your guided hands, and I also make custom weightbelt’s. My father is a leatherworker that makes custom cowboy boots and I first wanted a way to get closer to him. I soon found that I have a knack for making weightbelt’s all the way from the first process of cutting out the pattern to stitching it together. I love it.

I am a college drop out who went through a graphic design program and some pre sports science. I don’t do anything but lift, coach, craft leather and hang with my girlfriend. I am on my way to loving life but am still trying to change it. Oh yeah I also count pills 40 hours a day as a pharmacy technician.

Anyways I am 23 and I feel as if my journey on the road to greatness is just starting and I am trying to find and go through any door that will take me their. I am beyond grateful that you offered your time and energy to the lifter that doesnt have a coach in his town or lifts out of his garage. I am looking forward to our meet on the 30th and cant wait to slam bars.


Evan Wallis
Lubbock Tx
South Plains Underground

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