Stefi Cohen on Getting Strong and Avoiding Injury – The Barbell Life 204

Stefi Cohen is a small woman with big lifts. She just set the all-time deadlift record for her weight class, lifting over four times her bodyweight. She broke the record for all-time highest Wilks score. That’s nothing short of amazing.

But as impressive as that is, Stefi trained for all of this while running a successful online business (Hybrid Performance Method) and going to school to be a Doctor in Physical Therapy. In fact, she’s now Dr. Stefi Cohen.

She got into the field of physical therapy because she understood the importance of staying healthy. The athlete who can train longer and harder without injury is going to win. Period. I’ve seen it time and time again. That’s why I wrote my guide No Weaknesses. Addressing muscular imbalances and recovery will keep you going strong in the marathon of strength.

Protocols for Aches and Pains, Muscular Imbalances & Recovery

Work Harder. Train Longer. Prevent Injury.

Prevent injury, reduce pain and maintain joint health with Travis's specific corrections for your individual muscular imbalances.

So get ready to hear from Dr. Cohen today as we talk about avoiding injury and training to get a massive deadlift.


  • How she changed her training to adapt to a busy school schedule
  • Using straps on a deadlift?
  • Coming back from bombing out
  • Her personal training and accessory work
  • How she dealt with low back pain
  • and more…

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