The Power of Language with Mike Bledsoe – The Barbell Life 203

I’m sure you’ve heard of Mike Bledsoe. One of the biggest reasons for me getting into this whole podcasting thing was what he was doing on Barbell Shrugged.

This guy has had tons of conversations with experts from around the world on training, nutrition, recovery, programming, technique, business, and everything in between. But he’s developed a fascination recently on something that is so important and so powerful – something that not a lot of us talk about.

Today, we’re going to be talking about the power of language.

I was blown away hearing about how our words can influence our brains, which can physically affect our genetics and so much more. It got me thinking about how the power of language can make me a better coach and can help my athletes so much.

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  • How to turn your thoughts around
  • Getting unplugged
  • Weak language vs. strong language
  • Developing a culture of success through language
  • The three focus points to achieve goals
  • and more…

And don’t forget – if you want to hear more about this stuff in person – you definitely want to check out one of Mike’s seminars. He’s coming here to Winston-Salem in just a few short days. You can register and learn more here!

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