A Review of Reality

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A Review of Reality


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The words reality and realistic have always baffled me a little. Reality is supposed to be defined as: the world or state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. I took that definition right out of Webster’s Dictionary. However, most people twist the definition and wrap it around their own opinion. They define reality with their own notion, which is the complete opposite. They actually mistake their paradigm for true reality.

A paradigm is one’s own view of reality, or basically it’s what you perceive as reality. Trying to predict the future doesn’t involve reality at all because no one can look into the future except God, so we are all just guessing. A paradigm however is what separates the achievers from the rest of the pack.

Nothing makes me madder than someone to tell me to be realistic! As a 5’7” white athlete, I have heard those words all too often. That is why strength sports and now Grid Sports have attracted me. People have recruited me based on performance alone. I will always out perform what people expect of me simply because my paradigm will always be bigger than everyone else’s.

I do not have the ability to limit myself! It is not in my genetic make up. I know that my body is capable of just about whatever I want it to do. That is why I always find out what the top tier of a sport is before I begin. That top tier is immediately what I begin to shoot for. When I first started talking to the Carolina Crush, I immediately found out the strongest guys in the league: Sam Dancer and Danny Nichols. I know what each of these guys’ snatches, cleans, jerks, squats, presses, and deadlifts. Now I have my goals!

The reason that I am writing this today is to encourage all of you to not be the guy or gal that says, “Be realistic”. What does that even mean? When someone has a big goal, all that needs to follow is a good plan. I encourage all of you to set big goals. If your friends have a goal that seems out of this world, help them to make a plan to reach that monster goal. When an athlete stares at a well thought out plan, the workload will let them know if they have what it takes.

When people tell me to “be realistic”, I simply tell them, “I am being realistic, but my reality is simply different than yours!” People, who produce in this life, are the people that will take on challenges. They are people that will plan, commit, and attack. The other people simply have a hard time with that because it is so foreign to them. Most people simply want to go to school, get a job, get married, get fat, and watch a lot of television. I am ok with that as long as they don’t try to get me to do the same. As a 41 year-old athlete, I seem to be getting this more than when I was younger. I don’t understand that! At what age is one supposed to give up? I say never! To all my middle-aged folks out there, age doesn’t mean anything. If you want to accomplish something, get off the couch and go to work.

In my family, I am the black sheep, as Jon North would say. I am one of the very few that moved away. I had goals, and I wasn’t going to let the barriers of my small hometown hold me back. As I get older, I miss my mountain home, but I still have things in life to accomplish before settling back there. If God is willing, I am not done as an athlete. I still have people to inspire and records to break. People as me all the time when I am going to retire from all of this. The answer is: When they peel the cold steel from my dead hand.

In closing, remember this, my reality will always be different from your own; so don’t try to deflate mine!

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