Youth Development with Sean Rigsby – The Barbell Life 381

Coach Sean Rigsby makes his debut as co-host on The Barbell Life Podcast. Coach Rigsby has been an athlete of Coach Mash’s since 2014 during the MuscleDriver USA Days. He has represented Team Ireland at the prestigious IWF World Championships. He’s also a proven coach with the continually growing Heavy Metal Barbell Club and Weightlifting Team in Charlotte, NC. Coach Rigsby gives back to local culture by putting on the most electrifying weightlifting meets in the state. He’s also represented Team USA as a Coach and Team Leader. Most importantly, Coach Rigsby is loved by Coach Mash, and together they encourage growth and continued learning for each other.

In today’s episode, they discuss in detail the process of Youth Development including:

  • How is a session structured for Youth?
  • What age to start and why?
  • Is the worry of growth plate damage warranted?
  • What are the goals at specific ages?
  • What’s the assessment look like?
  • And a lot more!


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The 8 Week Youth Athletic Development Program with Coaching is a mentorship for parents or coaches desiring to know the research regarding strength and speed training for youth. This program is perfect for ages 10 to 15 years of age. This program includes:

  • Speed Training, Change of Directions, Jumping, and Agility
  • Body Weight Warm-ups are designed to increase stability throughout an entire range of motion
  • Athletic Specific Strength Training
  • Power Development
  • Improved Elasticity
  • Strengthened Tendons and Ligaments
  • And more!

This program is designed to stabilize, strengthen and mobilize young athletes in a way that will transfer directly onto the field. The goal is to strengthen the athlete through a full range of motion and in all planes of motion while stabilizing and strengthening each individual joint with thicker and more elastic tendons leading to increased speed, jumping, and change of direction.

These eight weeks should make an athlete jump higher, run faster, and more importantly, prepare them for more advanced programs. The Bridge Tracker App is filled with videos, explanations, cues and even gives alternative movements (in case of missing equipment, etc.).

This is just the program, but you will be able to ask questions to coaches in case you can’t understand something. The App is filled with data analysis, daily readiness questionnaires, and much more to get feedback for the creation of future programs.

If you want an ongoing mentorship with me, consider the coaching option.

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