Military Stories and Fitness with Wayne McCullough – The Barbell Life 281

I talk all the time about my freak athlete Morgan McCullough.

And of course podcast listeners know Morgan’s mother – my co-host Crystal McCullough. (She’s far more than a podcast co-host. She is an essential coach on our team.)

Well today we’ve got the father of the family, Wayne McCullough, on the podcast. Wayne is a coach here with us at LEAN Fitness Systems, and he had a long and distinguished career in the military.

He shares with us some great stories of what he saw as a helicopter pilot, and we also talk about his fitness journey from totally out-of-shape to now being strong and fit.

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  • Crazy stories from the battlefront
  • What are you feeding yourself?
  • How he overcome passing out frequently
  • Getting into CrossFit
  • What 9/11 was like on a military base
  • and more…

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