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Training for 1/12-1/14 – Crystal McCullough

Finished up Week 2 of this 14-week cycle. My numbers are higher this training cycle than they were at this time last training cycle, which has me excited for this meet in April!

Thursday 1/12 Day 4

Speed Bench w/alternate grip (CG) w/10% 1rm chains

  • 68% +chains for 2×5 (120#)
  • 78% +chains for 2×5 (130#)

  • 5rm no chains – worked to 145#/66k, which I only got 4 at this weight last week!

SS with explosive clapping pushups focusing on height for 5×5 then 4×4 resting 60 seconds b/t sets of 5 and 90 seconds b/t sets of 4.

KB bottom up Z press 3×10 each arm w/15# KB

Pull-ups 3 x submaximal – Strict and double overhand for 10/8/6. Got a little bit of elbow pain in the left arm which is making me feel a little weak on the pull-ups this week.


Hang muscle snatch 3×5 w/75#

Later in the day, I finally got a chance for a little bit of conditioning. I just did my class workout I programmed 🙂

3 Rounds for Time: 300m row, 30 OH walking lunge steps (25# bumper), 10 toes to bar in 10:06

Friday 1/13 Day 5

Headed up to the Mash Compound for the weekend to train.

Mash Method Squats (key is 2 minute rest between each set of 3 and 10)

  • 3 reps at 85% (123k/270#)
  • 10 reps at 65% (94k/207#)
  • 3 reps at 128k/281#
  • 10 reps at 99k/218#
  • 3 reps at 133k/292# PR
  • 10 reps at 104k/229#

My last set of 3 was a 3rm PR!! My goal for week 3 is 300#!

Deadlift w/alternate stance (Sumo) 5rm w/5 second eccentric each rep – worked my way up to 235#/107k, which is 30# more than last week. Working on keeping positioning throughout movement!

KB Swings (eye level) w/ band at hips 4×12 w/40#

Plate around the worlds 3×8 each way with 5k plate

Saturday 1/14 Day 6

Mash Method Bench Press (key is 2 minute rest between each set of 3 and 10)

  • 3 reps at 85% (148#/67k)
  • 10 reps at 65% (113#/51k)
  • 3 reps at 157#/71k
  • 10 reps at 125#/57k
  • 3 reps at 165#/75k
  • 10 reps at 132#/60k

Second week I’ve failed my last set of 3 reps. Closer than last week. It literally felt I hit an invisible ceiling OR Morgan really had his hand on it. LOL Reality check is this is 95% of my 1rm and I have hit it for a double the last 2 weeks. I need to just continue on working my technique and dialing it in. All reps were paused!

DB tricep extension 6×8 (20#) ss Band pushdowns 6×15 (medium band) w/30 second rest b/t sets

Fat bar curls 3×10 w/55#

Rows (75#) ss Band pullaparts (red band) 3×10+10

Sunday, Morgan and I worked the Mash Elite Performance booth at the War of the Wods. We had a great time and did some great networking.

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Training for 1/9-1/11 – Crystal McCullough

Good news is my back is better!! The pain was short-lived and I was able to train through it last week (smartly!).

Great start to the week thus far!! Hitting numbers I didn’t hit until LATE in my last training cycle, so pumped to see where this next 12 weeks takes me leading into my April meet 🙂

I am in Week 2 of this training cycle.

Monday 1/9 Day 1

A. Low Bar Back Squat w/belt for 5rm with 3 second pause on first rep – worked my way up to 265#/111k, which is 10# more than last week. Down sets were 3×5 with last set being 5+ at 225#/102k.

Hit 10 reps there and legs decided they were just done.

B. Deadlift 70% 10×1 up to <85% paused 2 seconds 2″ off the floor and at the knee – honestly, I was concerned here because this is where I wrecked my back last week. I literally had to turn my brain off and go. Started at 250#/114k and worked up to 300#/136.3k, where I stayed on the lower spectrum % wise longer. Hit the numbers I missed last week and then some.


ss with Box jumps 5×3 at 24″ focusing on height and a strong landing at parallel.

Accessory work:

BB elevated hip thrusts 3×8 at 115# with axle

BB lunges at RPE8 3×10 each leg at 75#

Tuesday 1/10 Day 2

A. Front Squat w/belt 1rm w/5 second pause at RPE7 – Worked up to 203#/92k, which is way more than my back let me do last week.

B. Bench Press 5rm (5 second pause EACH rep) – top set was same as last week at 140#/63.6k, but the pauses were much more legit and presses were more solid. Ignore my commentary LOL


Down sets were 3×5 with last set being 5+ at 120#/54.5k. Hit 11 reps, which is 1 more than last week!

Accessory work:

CG floor press w/25# of chains for 8rm then -10% for 8 – hit 115# plus the chains then downset of 8 at 105#.

DB p cleans seated 3×12 at 15# – trying not to use momentum with these and isolating upper body.

BB rows paused 2 seconds at sternum 3×10 with 75#

OH axle carries 3x40yd with 95# – the turn I had to make twice each set was the hardest part. lol

Wednesday 1/11 Day 3

A. High Bar Back Squat 3rm w/3 second pause first rep – Worked up to 255#/116k, which is 10# more than last week.

Down sets were 3×3 with last set being 3+ at 230#/104.5k. Hit 10 reps and called it.

ss w/prisoner squat jumps (focusing on height) 4×5

Accessory work:

Squat bottoms 8rm then -10% for 8 – worked up to 205#/93k, which is 40# more than I was able to do last week. Down set at 185#/84k.

2″ deficit RDLs w/band 3×8 working to RPE 8-9 – hit 155#, 175#, and threw on straps for 195# (and my video didn’t work on it..grr)

Unilateral RDLs 3×8 – used 53# KB

We head up to the Mash Compound on Friday for the weekend! Got some Mash Method on the menu for Friday and Saturday. Plus, going to be hanging out working a booth at the War of the WODs in Greensboro, so come by and say hi!!


Crystal McCullough – Week 1 of 2017 Training

Ended 2016 and a 10-week cycle with a bang, so I am super excited to see where this next cycle will take me.  I am on a longer break from competing and won’t hit the platform again until April 8.

Travis didn’t want to switch things up too much because something clicked and I made some major breakthroughs in my lifts. What he has done is changed up my rep schemes on Friday squats and Saturday bench presses using his ‘Mash Method’.

So, with that….here is what my first week of 2017 looked like training wise!

First off, I feel I need to explain my New Year’s Day shenanigans. Three years ago, we were visiting friends over New Year’s and we all did a 10k row on New Year’s Day. My family and I liked starting the new year out that way, so we’ve kept to that tradition since. This year was no different, well except for Morgan opted out. I think he was the smarter one between he and I (to be honest). Nevertheless, I went in on my usual Sunday off and rowed a 10k. It wasn’t my best, but my goal was not to get off the rower and just keep rowing!!

The aftermath:

Monday 1/2 Day 1

Started off great! Squats felt a little off due to some tight hammies (insert sigh over 10k row), but I hit some good numbers.

Low Bar Back Squats w/Belt 5rm (1st rep paused 3 seconds) I didn’t write down the pause and for some reason thought it was 5 seconds, so I made them a little harder on myself. LOL Worked up to 255#/116k.

Then, took -15% for 2×5 with last set being 5+. I hit 10 reps at 215#/98k and stopped. Back was already starting to feel weird.

Deadlift 8×1 (70% –>83%) with 2 second pause 2″ off floor and at knee

Started out good. Hit my % just fine.


these were ss w/box jumps (24″) 5×3 landing strong at parallel

On 295#, I pulled to my shin and felt a huge pull in the left side of my lower back. Then, I failed the rep from there. I haven’t failed that weight in a LONG time. I went to pull again and pain hit me just getting in position.

I went on to finish my accessory work (lighter than normal), but nonetheless, I got it done.

BB elevated hip thrusts 3×8 with axle bar at 95#

BB lunges (8RPE) 3×10 each leg at 55#

Saw my chiropractor that day and he did some ART and adjustments plus e-stim.

I decided later in the day to just get on my assault bike and ride for calories for 30 minutes at a Z1 conversational pace. Then, I did some very light reverse hypers 3×10.

Tuesday 1/3 Day 2

I had a horrible night of sleep due to back pain when I turned. Woke up super stiff. Had no idea what to expect of training.

Front Squat w/belt 1rm paused 5 seconds 7RPE

I could feel the load on my back fairly early on, so decided to continue only until I couldn’t stand it. I was able to still get below parallel and hold a good position. It was just the pressure of the load causing the pain. I ended up only working up to 125#/57k before I called it. The weight was light, but it was not comfortable at all.

Bench Press 5rm (5 second pause each rep) 

I was worried how my back would also affect this movement since it IS an entire body movement. I surprised myself and was able to work to 140#/64k.

Then -15% for 2×5 (last set 5+). Hit 120# for 10 reps all with a pause.

Accessory work:

CG Floor press 8rm then -10% for 2×8 (125# top set and 115# for downsets)

DB power cleans seated 3×12 (25#dbs), BB rows paused 2 seconds at sternum 3×10 (65#) – had to stay light on these in order to get into position with minimal pain.

OH axle carries 3x40yd – stayed light at 45#.

Wednesday 1/4 Day 3

Again, back wasn’t 100%, so went into training just winging it and seeing what I could do. Surprised myself, but again stayed safe by not pushing it.

HBBS 3rm (1st rep paused 3 seconds)

Worked my way up to 245#/111k and felt comfortable there with minimal discomfort. Then -10% for 2×3 (last set 3+). Hit 220# for 6 reps and stopped. Didn’t want too much time under tension.

ss these w/prisoner squat jumps 3×5 focusing on height

Squat bottoms 8rm

These actually hurt more than anything else last week. Worked up to 165#/75k and called it. Too much pain with the bounce. -10% for 8 at 150#.

2″ Deficit RDLs w/bands 3×8 progressing up to RPE 7-8

Started at 135# and stayed double overhand. Moved up to 155# and finished at 165#. Stood on a 35# bumper plate with a light red band for tension.

Unilateral RDLs 3×8 each leg w/44# KB

Later in the day, I decided to just get some movement in without being timed. 50 burpees, 50 calories on airdyne, 50 burpees. No idea how long it took 🙂

Thursday 1/5 Day 4

Speed Bench (Alt grip-CG) w/10% of 1rm in chains

65%+chains 2×5 (115#) then 75%+chains 2×5 (130#) then no chains for 5rm. Hit 140#, then 145# for 4. Butt wanted to come off the bench.

ss this with explosive clapping pushups 5×5 then 4×4 (resting 60 seconds b/t sets of 5 and 90 seconds b/t sets of 4)

Accessory work:

KB bottom up Z press 3×10 each arm w/20#

Pull-ups 3x submaximal (8/7/8 – strict and DOH) NOT MY BEST

Hang muscle snatch 3×5 at 55#

Friday 1/6 Day 5

Back felt mostly better, but still not 100%. Decided to play it smart on this new addition to my program and begin conservatively.

Back Squat w/belt -based % off my high bar, but did low bar. Should have been 83% and 63% of my low bar (319#), but based that percentage off my high bar (285#). I worked my way to my true 83%/63% of my low bar on my final set.

Set 1 83% x3 (235#) rest 2 minutes 63% x10 (180#)

Set 2 250# x3 rest 2 minutes 190# x10

Set 3 265#x3 rest 2 minutes 200# x10

Goal here is to try to add 5k each set

Glad I did it this way this week. Back didn’t feel trashed!!

Deadlift (alt stance) w/5 second eccentric then -15% for 2×5

Worked up to 205#/93k and stopped. It wasn’t that it was heavy, but was starting to feel an uncomfortable pull in my left hamstring.

Accessory work:

KBS w/band at hips 4×12 w/35#

Plate around the worlds 3×8 each way w/10# bumper

Saturday 1/7 Day 6

Bench Press

Set 1 83% (145#) x3 rest 2 minutes 63% (110#) x10

Set 2 155# x3 rest 2 minutes 120# x10

Set 3 165# x3 rest 2 minutes 130# x10

Failed last rep of 3 on set 3, but it is still a 2rm PR!! Video shows last 2 sets. And pause on all reps!!!

Accessory work:

DB Tricep ext. 6×8 (25#) ss Band pushdowns 6×15 (med. band) resting only 30 seconds b/t sets

Fat Bar Curls 3×10 with axle bar (45#)

Row (75#) ss Band pull aparts (light band) 3×10+10

Despite the setback with my back, it was a great training week and I finished the week out healthier than I was on Monday!! Looking forward to Week 2 and being 100%!!!!

Crystal McCullough – Last week of 2016 and this training cycle

Warning: A little bit longer due to the whole week being logged in one post!

The last week of 2016 was also the last week of this training cycle for me. We cut it off at week 10 since I don’t have a meet until April. The new longer training cycle begins Monday and will lead straight into my meet on April 8.

I went out with a bang on this training cycle!! In 10 weeks, we saw increases in both my squat (15k/33#) and deadlift (2.3k/5#) and now consistently hitting 93%+ on my most inconsistent lift, bench press.

We trained both Monday and Friday at the Mash Compound! There is something special (for me) about training at the Mash Compound. I love the energy of my gym (CrossFit Haymount) and the push and encouragement my athletes give each other. They set PRs every time we test. I hope that I play a small part in encouraging and pushing them to be better and I hope my athletes feel an inkling of what I do when I’m being pushed by MY Coach.

Monday 12/26/2016

Back Squat – LOW BAR

Percentages/reps went up from last week.

Worked up to 93% and hit the following based off 141k/310#:

93% 2×1 (132k/290#)

95% 2×1 (134k/295#)

And then work up if feeling good!! Went 142k and then 2k PR at 143k

Then 78% 2×3 2 second speed pause squats (111k/245#). There was a time in the near past this was my 3rm!!

Deadlift Competition Stance

Percentages/reps went up from last week here as well.

Worked up to 85% and hit the following based off 161k/355#:

85% 1×2 (136k/300#)

90% 1×2 (145k/320#)

93% 1×2 (150k/330#)

95% 1×1 (154k/340#)

And then work up if feeling good!! Felt pretty good, so attempted a PR at 360#. Just couldn’t get it past my sticking point.

Superset this with Box Jumps (focusing on height and strong landing at parallel). 4×2 on 24” box

GHDs (Back Extensions!!) for 4×5 and BW lunges x100m on the menu for accessory work.


Tuesday 12/27/2016

Front Squat w/ belt 10 second pause RPE7

I was able to get 10# more than last week and still maintain a relatively true RPE7. Hit 93k/205# as top set

Bench Press

Worked up to 93% and hit the following based off 80k/175#:

93% 2×1 (74k/162#)

95% 2×1 (75.5k/166#)

And then work up if feeling good!! Sets felt good, but didn’t feel like I had any more on this day. Still working on consistency with this new set up.

Then, 85% for max reps. 67k/148#x5 reps (all paused)

I need more chains!!! Program called for 75# of chains for accessory work with close grip floor press. Ended up not using anything other than the bar for 3rm then -15% for 3×3 (last set 3+). Top set was 67k/147.2# with down set at 57k/125# ending with 10 reps on final set.

Chest supported KB bat wing rows w/2 second pause at the top for 3×10 w/30#KBs

KB staggered carries (OH and Farmer) for 3x40yd each way w/30#KBs


Wednesday 12/28/2016 (very early morning training day!!)

High Bar Back Squat

3RM at RPE8, then downset at 90% of top weight for 2×3

Worked up to 116k/255# which is 10# more than last week, and hit downsets at 104.5k/230#

Squat Bottoms

Travis Mash original!! 3rm then 90% for 3

Worked up to 107k/235# which is 5# more than last week, and hit downsets at 95k/210#

Wide Good Mornings 3×5 with 145# (10# more than last week)

Sled drags forward and backward for 2x60seconds each way w/e-sled plus 65#

In the PM, I joined one of my classes and did the class workout.

Strength was a 1rm weighted pull-up. I was able to work up to 55# which I believe is a PR!!

Then I did the conditioning piece.


Thursday 12/29/2016

Speed Bench w/alternate grip (CG) with bands

35%+bands 3×3 (61#+bands)

45%+bands 3×3 (80#+bands)

55%+bands 2×2 (96#+bands)

3×1 working up 120#+bands, 130#+bands, 135#+bands(fail)

There is that moment when the bands kick in and your brain says oh bleep


Plate Front Raises 3×10 w/10# each arm

Horizontal BW Rows w/feet elevated 3x submaximal (10/8/8)

Lying DB External Rotation 3×10 ea arm w/10# DB


Friday 12/30/2016

Another day at the Mash Compound!!!

Percentage work was higher because I had to base it off the PR I hit on Monday. Needless to say, I was a little scared. Lol

Back Squat (LOW BAR)

Worked up to 80% and hit the following based off 143k/315#:

85% 1×2 (122k/268#)

90% 1×2 (129k/284#)

93% 1×2 (133k/293#)

95% 1×1 (136k/299#)

Work up if feeling good! Hit 141k/310#, then 2k PR at 145k/319#.

Failed at 150k/330#. It will be mine SOON!!!

Then 83% for max reps. 120k/264# for 7 reps which is the most I’ve done at that weight!


Max Effort Deadlift off 4” blocks

1rm then 85% of that for a set of 3

Worked my way up to 161k/355# successfully and got overzealous and went for 170k/375# and failed.

BB Hip Thrusts w/band at knees for 3×10 w/49k

Side Planks w/banded row for 3×20 seconds each side


Saturday 12/31/2016

New Year’s EVE!! Trained in the garage of teammates Frank and Meg!! Frank has been helping me with cueing and setup on my bench press.

Max Effort Bench Press w/slingshot


Worked my way up to 93k/205#. The lift was successful but my butt came slightly off the bench.

Bench Press (no ss) Competition grip

Percentage work based off 80k/175# (percentages the same, but reps are higher than last time):

85%x5 (67k/148#)

90%x3 (72k/158#)

93% x AMAP (74k/163#) for 2 reps

Banded pushdowns 3×20 with doubled up light bands

Preacher curls 3×10 w/curl bar plus 10k

Rows (was supposed to be seated, but Frank and Meg have a really cool football/multipurpose bar) so I did bent over rows with it. 3×10

2016 is a wrap!!! Here is to 2017 and hitting some massive goals!!!







Crystal McCullough – Week 9 Training Days 5 & 6 (Christmas Gains!!)

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope you got lots of gains from Santa!! The training doesn’t stop just because a holiday is upon us.

I just finished up my week 9. End of the week still called for heavy percentage work. The high percentage work was tough after just hitting this on Monday, but it was the second time this week of squatting 280# and 290# for two singles each. Perspective on these numbers is my 1rm late October 2016 was 286# which I hit at Nationals and it was an absolute 1rm in that moment.

Friday 12/23

Back Squat (chose low bar since not specified) 80%x3 (250#), 85%x3 (265#), 90% 2×1 (280#), 93% 2×1 (290#) then 80% (250#) for max reps. Videos show my 93% as well as my max reps at 80%. I hit 10 reps at 250#, which is actually a PR for 10 🙂


Deadlifts 4″ blocks 3rm, then -10% for 3 – not sure what was going on here. Maybe I exerted too much on my squat, but 275 didn’t want to come up initially. And even though the 305# looks fairly easy in the video, I stopped here due to feeling slightly dizzy. Down set ended up being 275 as well.

Accessory work was BB hip thrusts with band around knees and side planks with banded rows. I use an axle bar for my hip thrusts. Tends not to bruise the pelvic bone as much. The side plank/row combo is new for me. I really liked it. Just have to focus on staying in position on the plank.

Saturday 12/24

1rm Bench Press w/Slingshot. It’s been a couple of cycles since I’ve used the ss. I believe my best before this day was 185# with the ss. Today, I hit 200#!! Milestone! Now to hit this with no slingshot!!

Followed this up with heavy percentage work with competition grip bench press (no ss). 85%x3 (148#), 90%x3 (158#), then 90% for AMAP. I hit 3 reps on the AMAP with a distinct pause every rep. Went for the 4th and it just didn’t wanna go up. Consistency in the bench is my focus right now, especially with the higher percentages.

Accessory work was banded pushdowns, preacher curls, and seated rows.

Christmas Day, Morgan and I hit my gym’s version 12 Days of Christmas!! Conditioning is still very important to me even with a powerlifting focus!

Next week, I will show more of what I am doing accessory wise. Accessory work is the foundation to longevity and staying healthy in this sport!!

Time to finish 2016 off strong!!! Here is to the last week of the year! Happy training!!


Crystal McCullough – Introduction and Week 9 Training (12/19-12/23/2016)

Many of you probably know me as the mom to the 13-year-old Weightlifting Wonder with the handle of @mad_lifts_15, and that is something I am beyond proud of. That kid is something amazing (and I’m not talking about how he lifts weights good).


First blog post for Mash Elite, so introductions are in order!!

I am 40-years old, mom of one, wife to an Army soldier (soon to be retired!!!), AND I like to lift heavy things. I manage a CrossFit gym (CrossFit Haymount) in Fayetteville, NC.

I compete on the Mash Powerlifting Team! I am a 72k lifter in the USAPL Federation and 148# lifter in the USPA Federation(which I hope to do a meet in 2017). I also compete in CrossFit, but that has taken a back seat to my powerlifting. A chronic shoulder issue pushed me toward powerlifting in early 2015 and I fell in love with it. My son just celebrated his one year anniversary with the Mash Mafia team yesterday and I decided to switch teams and join Mash Mafia in late Spring of 2016.

I competed in the Open Division at USAPL Raw Nationals in October. I had my best competition total with that meet! 130k/286# Squat – 75k/165# Bench – 155k/341# Deadlift for a 360k/792# Total. My best training lifts are 140k/310# Squat (which I just hit last week), 175# Bench, and 355# Deadlift (which I hit last week as well!!).

I am currently in Week 9 of my first 12 week training cycle following Nationals and it’s been an amazing breakthrough!! My next meet is in 15 weeks at USAPL Battle on the Border April 8 and we are working on building absolute strength. I have big goals for 2017!!

Week 9 calls for high percentage work, which means heavy weight/few reps.

Monday 12/19

Back Squat (worked low bar) 90% 2×1, 93% 2×1, and 75% for 2×3 2 sec pause speed squats

Deadlift 80%x3, 85%x3, 90% 2×1, 93% 2×1

**Both called work up if feeling good! Wasn’t feeling it :/ I just PR’d both lifts last week, so already working with much higher percentages.

Below are my top % of the day at 290# Squat and 330# Deadlift

Accessory work consisted of supersetting with Box Jumps, Weighted GHD situps, and 100m of bodyweight walking lunges.

Tuesday 12/20

  • Front Squat 1rm with 10 second pause (yes! 10 second pause!) at RPE7. Top weight was 89k/195#. I know I look bored LOL but it was tough sitting down there.

Bench Press high percentage work. 90% 2×1, 93% 2×1, then 83% for max reps. I worked with Frank Volrath on Saturday and he gave me some pointers on my set up. Shown is my 93% for 162.2# and then max reps at 145# for 5 reps (all paused). Trying to remember to pause every one of my reps so it becomes second nature. In a powerlifting meet, there is NO touch and go. You have to wait for the press command.

Accessory work was close grip floor press, chest supported batwing rows, and staggered carries (OH and farmer) for 40 yards each.

Later in the day, I did some conditioning that consisted of rowing, slam balls, and the airdyne!!

Wednesday 12/21

More SQUATS!! 3rm at RPE8 on HBBS. In retrospect, probably should have gone one more set. But, 111k/245# felt smooth and pretty darn good 🙂 There was a point in 2016 where this was a true 3rm.

Travis also has me doing an accessory movement he calls squat bottoms. Today, was 3rm. Heaviest set was 230#. The purpose of them is to work on my speed out of the bottom of the squat. They seem to be working!!

Accessory work was wide good mornings and sled drags forward and backward!! LOVE sled drags!!!!

Later in the day, I joined in one on of my classes and did our Endurance Day. Don’t be jealous!

For Time: Buy in : 100 Double Under, 5 Rounds: 500m Row, 10 Thrusters 65#, 20 V-ups. Time: 22:49

Thursday 12/22

Alternate Grip (close grip) speed bench with bands. This is a new one for me. I had to rig it up with heavy kettlebells.

35%+bands  4×3, 45%+bands 3×3, 55%+bands 1×2, and 58%+bands 1×1. Shown is last set was 101# + bands.

Thursday is my shorter day. Accessory work called for plate front raises, horizontal bodyweight rows with feet elevated 3x submaximal (first set shown below with 9 reps), and lying db external rotations.

Finished last night off with an impromptu Hero WOD session with my husband Wayne, one of my coaches (Tim) and his wife Morgan, and one of my athletes. We did DT which is 5 Rounds of: 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Clean, 6 Shoulder to Overhead all at 155/105. I think I actually PR’d my time at 9:44. Holy traps and upper back this morning.

Looking forward to the last couple of days of training this week. It is the eve before Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to you all!!!