Training Log – Week 12 Mid week training

Probably feeling slightly more beat up than normal with the extended training cycle. This would normally be my taper week, but I have two more weeks after this week ends.

Weights are feeling good and hitting the numbers I am supposed to hit, so there is that 🙂

Wednesday Day 3

High Bar Squat 3rm at RPE8 – worked up to 260#/118k (5# more than last week) and it felt great. I remember when hitting this for a double was extremely tough!

Followed this with -10% for 2×3 at 235#/107k

Squat Bottoms 3rm – worked up to 240#/109k no belt (5# more than last week)

Accessory Work:

  • Wide Good Mornings 3×5 – with 145#
  • Suitcase Deadlifts w/4″ deficit 3×5 each side RPE 8-9 – I went too heavy last week and dropped down to 115# this week.

Thursday Day 4

Speed Bench (Alternate Grip) with bands/mini bands

  • 35% + bands 3×3 (65#+bands)
  • 45% + bands 3×3 (80#+bands)
  • 55% + bands 2×2 (95#+bands)
  • 3×1 working up – 105#+bands, 120#+bands, 130#+bands

These are great to work on continuing to accelerate until lockout!

Accessory Work:

  • Plate Front Raises 3×10 w/10#
  • Horizontal Feet Elevated Bodyweight Rows 3xsubmaximal – 11/10/9
  • Lying DB External Rotation 3×10 each side w/10#

Next Meet: April 8

Current weight: 71.7

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