Training Log – Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Man, oh man. Tuesdays are rough! Long paused front squats and bench on bench on bench! haha!!

All in all, I had a great training session with a few snags in my upper body wanting to fire at the same time when it came time to my last couple of heavy bench press.

Week 12 Day 2

Front Squat 1rm with 10 second pause RPE7 – worked my way up to 203#/92k and called it quits. Trying to stay true to the RPE especially this close to my meet!

Max Effort Slingshot Bench Press 1rm – worked my up to 200#/91k!! This is the weight I missed last week!!

Competition Bench (NO SS)

  • 85% (145#) x5
  • 90% (155#) x 3
  • 93% (160#) x AMAP – managed 1

**My right arm was lagging and fatigue had set in…

Accessory Work:

  • Close Grip Floor Press (should have used chains, but no setup) 3rm then -15% for 4×3 (last set 3+) – didn’t get close to what I hit last week. That right arm just lagged. Hit 135# for the 3rm and 115# on down sets getting 10 reps last set.
  • Chest Supported Bat Ring Rows 2 second pause 3×10 with 15#
  • Staggered Carries 3 x 40 yd using 44# for farmer and 26# for overhead

Had some much need WODBody Massage work done on the quad and upper body in hopes to get both sides to fire at the same time.

Weight: 71.3k

Next Meet: April 8


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