Training Log – Taper Week and the Work is Done

I am now 24 hours out from my meet. Lots of excitement, nerves, and so ready to get on that platform. I’ve put in a lot of work since Nationals to increase my total, so looking forward to it showing tomorrow!

This final week has been great! Hit my openers on Monday and Tuesday followed by some lighter squat and bench work on Wednesday and Thursday. Turns out I did need a root canal, which I had on Tuesday afternoon. My mouth was quite sore on Wednesday, but it is extremely manageable with Motrin 🙂 My biggest concern from the dental work was being able to hold my weight. Sitting at 71.5k and holding steady.

Monday Day 1 

Squat Opener 2 x 1 – we decided to open at 135k/297#. Without fractional plates, I decided to jump up to 300# for my two singles. They felt great!

Deadlift Opener 1 x 1 – we decided to open at 150k/330#. Felt light and easy!! So pumped!!

Tuesday Day 2 

Bench Press Opener 2 x 1 – we’ve talked about 72.5k/159# and 75k/165#, so I decided to do one at each. Made sure the pause was substantial and mimicked the cues from the judge in my head.

Accessory Work: 

  • Chest supported Bat Wing Rows 3 x 5 with 25# DBs

Wednesday Day 3

High Bar Back Squat 2 x 1 with 85% (250#) – Felt great considering less than 24 hours post root canal and minimal warm up!

Accessory Work:

  • 4″ deficit Suitcase Deadlifts 3 x 5 each side RPE 7 with 115#
  • Sled drag forward and sled drag backward 1 x 60 seconds with e-sled and 45# plate

Thursday Day 4

Bench Press 3 x 1 with 75% (135#) – these felt great and I paused an extended amount of time to work on the explosive drive off of my chest.

Accessory Work:

  • Legs elevated horizontal body weight rows 3 x submaximal – 11/11/10
  • Lying DB external rotations 3 x 10 with 10# DB

The work has been put in and so excited to showcase it on the platform tomorrow at the Battle on the Border in Fort Mill, SC!!




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