WK Catch Up

Got caught up in a whole bunch of stuff so missed updating my log. So here is a brief overview.


Block Cleans up to 160 felt great.

No Hook Powers up to 125.  Super light but some how everything above I just chickened out of.


Wasn’t feeling it and skipped


Front Squat on a 5:5:4:10 tempo.  Worked up to 335lbs, up from 305 the previous week.  Still felt good, but kept at a 7RPE.


OHS 5RM. Hit 305lbs.  Issue not so much with strength but rather losing my balance after a few reps.

Power snatch EMOMx8.  Made 255lbs on round 7, then just missed 265lbs on 8.


Made it down to my friends Sean Rigsby’s and Tayler Harris’ new gym Heavy Metal Barbell in Charlotte.  Awesome atmosphere and was great to lift with someone.

Sn- 70/85/100/110/120/126/131x

  • 120 was one of the best snatches of my life ha. 126 was a little forward but felt light and ready for more. On 131 I let the gremlins get to me and I clarked it.

C&J- 70/100/120/140/150/160/170x

  • On 160 I lost my right hand and racked it on just my shoulder.  When reracking the weights on one side slid at least halfway off the sleeve.  Still made the jerk though.  Clean was tight and quick.
  • 170 I didn’t even attempt to go under.  I should’ve gone with something in the 164-8 range and build up that confidence.


Back squat 5×3 every 2 minutes with 365lbs.  At the start of this block I kept this really light and worked on being in good positions.  This was the best a back squat has felt since September.

All in all I was pretty happy with how Friday went. I should have hit one more weight above what I did, but I’m pretty content.


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