Westside Barbell Helps Out with CrossFit Athlete

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Westside Barbell Helps Out with CrossFit Athlete

Yesterday I posted a video on Instagram of Kristi Eramo working on her weaknesses at Westside Barbell. They had her lifting stones while connected to the belt squat machine and with a weighted vest on. They were increasing her work capacity while working on the posterior chain with an emphasis on hip extension. This was definitely cool, but it wasn’t the coolest aspect of the overall picture.

The truth is that Spencer Arnold’s Power and Grace Team coach her, and he is totally cool with her working with Westside Barbell on her weaknesses. Of course he is. He wants what’s best for his athletes. He told me a long time ago when Westside was first starting to work with Kristi. I already knew that Spencer has a thirst for knowledge. It was just exciting to see a strength and conditioning coach that was molded in the dogmatic weightlifting world break through those barriers. I think that we can all learn from Spencer and his Power and Grace Team.

I think that we all have so much to learn from all the different genres of strength. As coaches we have a duty to put our personal preferences aside. Our athletes have trusted us to help them reach their goals, and any close-minded views are in direct conflict with those duties. Westside has helped athletes in CrossFit, Grid, NFL, NBA, Track and Field, MMA, Rugby, and of course Powerlifting to name a few. Some of the most brilliant strength and conditioning coaches that I have ever met use aspects from the Westside System. Guys like Coach Joe Kenn, Ryan Horn, Mark Watts, and JL Holdsworth use aspects of Westside.

Also can we get past the bands and chains? People act like Westside is nothing but bands and chains. It is so much more than just bands and chains. You can read all of my other articles about Westside to grasp their many methods. I believe that people get so hung up on bands and chains that they won’t take the time to look at their other methods like:

• Max Effort Method
• Repetition Method
• Destroying Weaknesses and Imbalances with Special Exercises
• Rate of Force Development

This isn’t just another article encouraging all of you to open your minds to Westside. This article is to encourage all of you to open your minds to the many disciplines out there like:

• Strongman
• Powerlifting
• Weightlifting
• Highland Games
• CrossFit
• Bodybuilding

Guys we can learn from each other. If a coach or gym is constantly producing champions each and every year, then all of us should try to learn from that coach. It’s that simple. Kevin Simons and Ray Jones have each produced a youth weightlifter that is killing it on the International scene. Each of their athletes has set world records on the big stage. It’s probably a good idea to reach out to them and ask them what the heck they are doing. Both coaches have been producing top ranked athletes for some time now, so I bet that each of them have lots to teach all of us.

I am proud of my friend Spencer Arnold. He has crossed those lines. He is already reaping the rewards as his athlete Kristi rolled through the CrossFit Regionals Central Division earning second and a ticket to the CrossFit Games. Power and Grace Performance are blessed to have a leader like Spencer as are his athletes.

As coaches our jobs are to put our egos aside and to do what’s best for our athletes. With my local strength and conditioning athletes, I always employ the assistance of William Bradley with some of his expert speed work. That’s his focus, so he is the expert. He gets fantastic results, so of course I want him to work with my athletes.

Look guys and gals if someone out there is better than you at nutrition, mobility, weightlifting, work capacity, special exercises, or absolute strength, then go learn from them. Also don’t be afraid to let them help you and your athletes. It’s not about you as the coach. It’s always about the athlete, and that’s it. This is a tough concept for ego driven coaches. However it’s a natural concept for coaches that want to win and that care about their athletes.

When you read information, you definitely want to look through the lens of science. There are some basic concepts that must line up. However don’t use science to base an argument when all you have done is twist science to make your case. The truth is that there isn’t a lot of research in the strength and conditioning field. Dr. Andy Galpin is the first to tell you that bit of truth. We just have to use what we know, and then look at the results from others. If things line up, you should try it out.

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