W1D5 – Fri 1/6

Going in felt pretty tight and dead.  Big weights are a while away, especially since this month Max Out Fridays are going to be with complexes.


  1. Sn Pull + Sn + Hang Sn + OHS
    • 50/70/90/100/105/110
    • I stopped at 110. Heavy, tired, etc.  I stink at hangs so didn’t want to miss with the next.
  2. Cn + Hang Cn + FS + 2 Jerks
    • 70/100/120/130/135
    • Wow this one sucked the life out of me.  Even by 130 I was huffing and puffing.
  3. KB Swings with band around hips 4×12
    • I had never done these with the band and I really liked how it changed it

Snow storms came Friday night so got snowed in and didn’t lift Saturday.  Felt good to get have week one in the books.  Excited to see where this one goes.

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