Training 1/9/16 and Accessory Insight

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Training 1/9/16

As promised, I picked it up a bit today. It was a little snowy and icy, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I am focused again finally. When I am like this, there isn’t a lot that can get in the way of my goals. Ice and snow are not one of those things.

I trained with my old buddy Ox Mason at TFW Winston-Salem. I like training somewhere besides my gym. When I am at my gym, I am a coach first and athlete second. When I take the 20-minute drive to train with Ox, my mind shifts to the task at hand. My mind also wanders to the times that I use to drive to meet Ox for bigger stake lifts. That’s where I want my mind traveling to because that is where I intend on taking things once again.

At my age (43-years-old) you never know when it’s all going to end. I could suffer the injury that I can’t recover from. My family might need more of my focus. I am taking this training cycle like it could be my last. I want 2017 to be a year that I could end on. So far so good!

Here was today’s training:

Back Squat Mash Method
425lb x 1
365lb x 5
455lb x 1
385lb x 5
475lb x 1
405lb x 5

Max Effort Bench Press 335lb x 3

Max Effort Deadlift 525lb x 1

I started out the back squat a little conservatively. For whatever reason, I am more prone to injury with the back squat, so I want to deposit some volume into my training bank before withdrawing many massive PRs. I could tell that the movement felt better towards the end and the depth improved. It will take my hips a few more months to get health enough for super deep squats. I am breaking parallel, but I want more ROM. Practicing the movement of squats will provide most of what I need for improved ROM. I will use some of my go to mobility movements to get the rest like:

Frog Pose
Cobra Pose
Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Work
Foam Roller for IT Bands
Lacrosse Ball for Piriformis and Glute

I was really pumped with the Bench Press. It is feeling better each and every day. When I benched 400lb over a year ago, I still wasn’t focusing as much as I am right now. The Mash Method is giving me the muscle mass for a big bench. I could see a possible 455lb Bench this year. I will be adding my favorite accessory movements to strengthen the press and to prevent injuries:

• Closegrip Floor Presses
• Weighted Dips
• DB Tricep Extension
• DB P. Cleans mainly for the external rotation
• Hang Muscle Snatch
• Axle Bar Curls for Elbow Health per advice from Dan John

I told you guys that the Deadlift would continue to shoot through the roof. The 525lb was still submaximal. This Friday I am going to do some volume mainly to keep my posterior chain strong. Of course I will be adding my favorite Pulling accessories as well:

• Unilateral RDLs
• GHDs
• Belt Squat KB RDLs
• Belt Squat Good mornings

If you guys have any questions, ask them below and I will answer. You can check out my Instagram videos: @coachtravismash or @masheliteperformance

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