Training for the Big Fiver: Super Total

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Training for the Big Fiver: Super Total


Below is an article that I wrote last year when I was killing it. I’m releasing it again to remind myself of the goals that I must beat this year. Enjoy!

For the past seven weeks, I have been able to successfully train Olympic weightlifting at the same time as Powerlifting. Most people would tell you that this is a bad idea, but I have never been one to listen to most people. Not to mention, over the last several years I have learned that a lot of advice that the so-called “experts” and “gurus” are passing along is simply opinions that were passed down to them. If it’s not clearly researched, then use your own common sense. That is the advice that I can give you. If it is fun and not dangerous, try it!

So far, my results are:

Snatch 135k/297lb
Clean & Jerk 166k/365lb
Clean 170k/374lb
Jerk from Blocks 182k/400lb
High Bar Back Squat 295k/650lb
Bench Press Paused 400lb
Deadlift 700lb

Super Total 2365

Check out the Video:

I am off to a good start. I have a lot to gain in the back squat because I haven’t dropped it to a low bar yet, and I haven’t used knee wraps yet. This is officially the strongest that I have been overall in over ten years. Here are the keys:

• I am having fun again
• Inspiration from Cory Gregory’s Squat Every Day
• Consistent training now for over 9 months
• Listening to my body for the first time in my life
• My gym is full of positive people and freak strength athletes

For the first time in a long time, I am excited to train. I believe that is happening because I am defining my own path. I am not just powerlifting, and I am not just weightlifting. I have always loved both sports, but I only focused on one at a time. Why? I am not sure really. I am also working on body weight exercises, and I am performing GPP and Cardio.


Becoming friends with Cory Gregory was the best thing that has happened to my training in forever. His enthusiasm and passion prompted me to try his Squat Every Day Program, and the rest is history. Once I saw the benefits, I totally adapted the program to my other methods that work. Here is what I noticed from the basic squat every day:

• Increased mobility
• Better movement
• Increased strength from week to week
• Less joint pain

The moment that I added the Olympic lifts to the equation, those movements started to get better daily. No doubt the increased mobility was the number one factor. The biggest problem that I have had with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk after the age of 35 has been lack of mobility. Here are the keys:

• Squat every day
• Overhead squat variations 3 days per week
• Bench Press 3 days hard and 1-2 light for recovery
• Deadlift 1-2 times
• Snatch twice
• Clean & Jerk twice
• Lunge twice
• Upper body gymnastics 2-3 times
• GPP and/or Cardio 2-3 times

It looks like this:

Overhead Squat Variation
Front Squat
Upper Body Gymnastics and accessory
400m Lunges

Front Squat
Clean & Jerk
Posterior Chain
Sled Pulls, Prowler, Circuits, or Cardio

Back Squat
Bench Press
Upper Body Gymnastics and Accessories

Overhead Squat Variation
Front Squat
Sled Pulls, Prowler, Circuits, or Cardio

Back Squat
Clean & Jerk
400m Lunges

Overhead Squat Variation
Bench Press
Upper Body Gymnastics and Accessories

Sled Pulls, Prowler, Circuits, or Cardio
Mobility and Recovery Work

I have been able to consistently train since December of last year. The biggest reason that I can give for my continued success is that I am finally listening to my body. I know when to back off, go hard, and when to take the day off. I can finally take a day off without feeling guilty. I took yesterday off, but dang man I have PR’ed the Squat once, the Deadlift three times, the Bench three times, The Snatch two times, the Clean & Jerk once, and the Clean once all in the last twelve days. A day was necessary.

My gym environment is the best that it has ever been. I love this group of athletes. They all bring something special to the table. They are all positive, and they all LOVE to train. This makes it impossible for me to not fall in love with training all over again. Environment is key. If your gym doesn’t have a great environment, I recommend figuring out why that is.

Start defining your own goals today! If you want to run marathons and lift heavy weights, it can be done just ask Alex Viada. If you want to do Weightlifting and Powerlifting, then do it. The key is to enjoy training! If you enjoy what you are doing, then you will do it forever. This principle applies to all things in life!

Coach Mash

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