The Things that I want my Unborn Son to Know


My wife is due to have our son on Tuesday September 23rd. My thoughts have been filled with ideas on raising a son. I already have my daughter, Bailey, whom I love with all my heart. With my daughter, I treasure our time together as if it were pure gold. This summer, we had the chance to literally explore New Mexico together just the two of us. I couldn’t be more proud of her if I tried. She is trustworthy, polite, and patient with her old dad.

Raising a son poses a whole new set of concerns for me as a father. I want more than anything for my son to grow up into a godly and good man. Last night, this thought came into my head, “If I died before my son was born, what would I want him to know?” I know this sounds a little morbid, but it is the best question to ask for determining how to raise a son or daughter.

Then I thought that this would be a great topic to write on to let all of my adopted Barbell Family know as well. Every guy or gal that trains with me long enough, knows that they are literally adopted into my family. At night, my thoughts race with ideas on improving my Barbell sons and daughters not only as athletes but as people, so to let them all know the things that I want my son to know. Hopefully it will help you all!

1. The first thing that I want my son to know is to Love God with all his little heart. If he can get this one thing straight, then the rest will be easy. If he gets this one right, then #2 will be a breeze.

2. Whatever you do, give your all! I don’t care if he’s a football player, weightlifter, or artist. I simply care that he gives it his all as unto the Lord. I hope that he memorizes Colossians 3:17.

3. I hope that he loves his wife like no other man has ever before. Nothing says more about a man than the way he loves and respects his wife! I didn’t understand this until I was 33 years old. The way a man loves his wife tells the world, his story. You can’t be a good father, and then cheat or beat on your wife! No way! You can’t say that you love God, and then come home screaming at your wife.

A man that constantly loves, respects, and provides for his wife is a man that loves God, loves his family, and takes care of his business. You can guarantee that the home life for the children is wonderful. The man that loves his wife as Christ loved the church is a man that leaves this world a better place than he found it.

4. I hope that my son has a love for people. I hope that he loves the people that God puts into his life. By love, I mean that he has a heart to listen to and help the people around him. Nothing is more rewarding than a life of service to others. I love my life now because I spend my days helping others, and I hope that my son one day enjoys the same thing.

5. I pray that my son lets his yes mean yes, and his no mean no! What I mean by that is I hope that he is a man of his word. I have not always been great at this, but now it means a lot to me. If I say something, I want it to be truth. I have had to learn to keep my mouth quiet and simply listen. The key is to be quick to listen and slow to talk.

I can’t wait to meet my son. I pray that God has equipped me to raise a good man. I also pray that he loves his mother with all his little heart. My mother means the world to me, and coming to know that has helped me be a better husband. My mother has sacrificed her whole life to raise her children, and I want my wife to have to a better life. Mothers give so much of themselves, and they deserve the men in their lives to recognize that and give back.

Baby Mash drops into the world any minute. I can’t wait to apply the wisdom that I have written about today. I just pray my little man has a willing ear to listen!

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