The Plan for TFW Winston-Salem and Mash Elite

The Plan

We already announced the partnership between TFW Winston-Salem and Mash Elite Performance, but I wanted to give you guys and gals an idea of what we are about to do. We want to affect our community like our website has affected to world. I want to educate, and teach people of all ages how to reach their health, fitness, and athletic goals. That’s the bottom line.

A lot of people try to separate athletes from general fitness, and that makes no sense to me. It’s all movement at the end of the day. If a person moves properly, they will reach their athletic and health goals. If a person can’t move, they’re in big trouble. My partner Coach Chris Mason and I are passionate about helping people. Neither one of us wants to leave this world the way we found it. We want to leave it better. Doesn’t everyone?

The question is how are you going to go about making the world better? Chris and I want to make it healthier and stronger. Here’s the plan:

Group Fitness:

Whether you are 20-years-old or 65-years-old, we offer classes that will be challenging to your level. Our coaches will be instructed on how to scale workouts based on your needs and level. We aren’t going to beat you down and send you limping to your car afterwards. We want you to feel better, but what does ‘feel better’ really mean? The goal is to help all of you move better, have more energy, and physically stronger. We want to arm you with all the tools necessary to get healthier like nutrition, mobility plan, and recovery.

Strength and Conditioning

I have worked with hundreds of D1 athletes including local hero Cade Carney, starting running back at Wake Forest University. I have also worked with multiple professional athletes including Tommy Bohanon, starting Fullback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We want to bring that element to Lewisville, NC with all the bells and whistles. Yes we have all the coaches and the cool equipment including two vertimaxes. We are adding a speed treadmill and lots of other tools to develop the very best athletes in the area. We work with ages from 7 all the way to the pros. I am excited to focus in this area again after going low key for the past couple of years as we worked on our online business.

Mash Barbell Club

Of course we are known to develop the best weightlifters and powerlifters in the country. We will continue to do that. Our Mash Mafia Team will be performing their workouts right there in house at our new facility. It’s funny that the local community hasn’t caught on that right in here small town North Carolina we’ve had Olympians and Olympic Hopefuls training for the last three years. It’s probably the best-kept secret in the Winston-Salem area. We are fired up to grow our Youth program from the local community.

We will also be offering times for the general public to learn the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting. We invite all the local CrossFitters to come by and learn the barbell movements from the same coaches that are preparing the best weightlifters and powerlifters in the country. We respect the heck out of the CrossFit community, and we are excited to work closely with as many CrossFit athletes as possible. We have thoughts of getting deeper in the CrossFit world as time goes on, but stand by for that.

The Barbell Club is also a non-profit. Our mission is to help Olympic Hopeful athletes reach their goals, and to work with at-risk youth in the area by teaching them the sport of Olympic weightlifting. We will use the barbell to teach important traits like: perseverance, hard work, goal setting, and commitment. We have plans to add counseling and much more. If you are local and would like to help out, contact us at ⇒ or message us on here.

The bottom line is that right here in Lewisville, NC we will be bringing you guys the same coaches and facilities that the best athletes in America are using. Personally I love having a facility in a smaller community because it is less distracting for our athletes, and the community underneath the roof is amazing. It’s so amazing going to gym parties and seeing Olympic Hopefuls hanging out with 40-year-old accountants. It’s all about movement, goal setting, and commitment. Whether you’re an Olympian or an accountant, those three things separate success from failure.

We are trying to soft launch within the next two to three week if we can get our contractors to hustle up. We look forward to getting to know all of you in area. If you are anywhere in the Lewisville/Clemmons/Winston-Salem area, we invite you to check us out. If you have questions, feel free to email me at: ⇒

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