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I was talking to Travis Cooper, and he has a vision for where weightlifting is going. He believes that soon weightlifters will all have their full teams. By this he means, they will have their own nutritionists, PTs, Chiropractors, muscle imbalance experts, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and their coaches. I totally agree! I am always saying that the master of the mundane will always win out. The person who does the little things the most, Wins!

You could say the same thing about any sport. Last year, I started focusing on nutrition with my younger athletes. After talking to Martin Rooney about speed, I realized the importance of relative strength. Relative strength is simply how strong someone is pound for pound, or how well they handle their own body weight. If you get someone squatting 500lbs, but they can’t do a pull-up, then they probably can’t run fast. Focusing on body fat is super important when it comes to speed.


General Fitness is just as dependent on multiple variables as other sports. So often, you hear of a fad workout talking about doing a 10 minute workout to get lean abs. That doesn’t work guys! The same goes for a fad diet getting you the best body of your life. It takes both! Not to mention, true health takes proper nutrition, workouts, mobility, symmetrical muscles, and a proper mental and spiritual state. If one of these variables are suffer, the group suffers.

Getting all the variables of athleticism, health and fitness optimized gives an athlete a huge advantage over the competition. If you are an athlete, take the following group of variables and score them from 1-5. 5 will be a perfect score, and 1 means you have a lot of work to do in that area:

1. Mobility
2. Stability
3. Muscular symmetry or balance
4. Absolute Strength
5. Movement within chosen sport
6. Nutrition
7. Recovery
8. Relative Strength
9. Work Capacity (one’s ability to perform work)
10. Sports Psychology

A perfect score is obviously 50, so anything below that is the room you have for major improvement. A low score is really a good thing because that means you have the potential to improve greatly.

Take this test if you are simply into General Fitness. Once again score it from 1-5 with 5 being perfect:

1. Nutrition
2. Body Fat %
3. Overall Weight
4. Absolute Strength- the maximum amount of force that someone can exert, irrespective of body size or weight
5. Relative Strength- relation of strength as compared to body weight ex. 5 pull-ups compared to 10
6. Mobility/Flexibility
7. Recovery
8. Work Capacity
9. Cardiovascular Capacity
10. Mental and Spiritual State

Anything less than a 50 score is the amount of health and fitness that you stand to gain by making a few changes. Your goal should be to get a 50. Reaching 50 would put you in a totally different body and give you an all new sense of well-being. It’s a deal changer! A life changer!

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The Mash Eat and Lift What You Want Program

This program includes:

• Strength Program based around your specific goals(General Fitness, At Home Workouts, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, or Athletic Performance)
• Mobility Plan
• Nutrition Plan teaching you to understand Macros freeing you to eat more freely
• Nutrition Catered to your goals: weight loss, body fat loss, athletic performance, or general health
• Recovery suggestions
• Video Analysis
• Secret Facebook Group to communicate with coaches and teammates
• Plans to target weak areas (abs, glutes, arms, etc)

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The Mash Eat and Lift What You Want Program

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