Senior Pan American Championships 2017 Update: “Some Wise Words from an Olympian”

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Senior Pan American Championships 2017 Update
“Some Wise Words from an Olympian”

Yesterday I flew out of beautiful North Carolina in route to Miami, FL. Mash Mafia is honored to send two athletes to the Senior Pan Ams this year. This has been a big year for us sending multiple athletes to Youth, Junior, and Senior International Teams. We even coached a New Zealand Youth Weightlifter to the Youth World Championships, Isaac Lawgun. It’s tough to place focus on all the age categories, but it is essential for the future of a weightlifting club. It’s also essential for the growth of the sport in the United States.

To say that I am excited that the Pan Ams are in America this year would be an understatement. I am especially pumped that it’s in Miami. I mean where else in America would one want to travel? Plus Miami is filled with my friends like Hayden Bowe, Stefi Cohen, and Danny Lopez-Calleja.

Probably the most exciting news for all of you is that I am rooming with Coach John Broz. I am sure that there will be a lot of discussions on squatting, weightlifting, and all things strength. Get ready for me to enlighten all of you on what we are discussing. Two black sheep coaches in the same room is a dangerous thing. It could change the whole world. Well it could change the whole world of strength that is.

The training hall last night was fun with a lot of good lifting. I have to admit that the feel of the Senior team is a little different than the Junior or Youth teams that I coached last year. I am not quite sure why. There are definitely cliques, and there isn’t quite the camaraderie. However these are the best of the best in America, so there is a little more competitiveness than the younger teams. These are the people that will be battling for the Olympics in 2000, so I suppose that has something to do with it. I am hoping that as the week goes on the feel will improve.

The best advice to pass on to all of you came from Olympic Bronze Medalist Sarah Robles. We were talking about less than optimal conditions, and the way a real champion overcomes these conditions. Yesterday Team USA was forced to train on five platforms with 19 athletes. The packed training area flustered some people, while others seemed to do fine. Sarah was one of the athletes that seemed to do just fine. She worked up to an easy 145kg/319lb Clean & Jerk with no misses, and it looked really easy.

At dinner last night she explained that if an athlete is worrying about crowded training areas, sloped platforms, less than perfect equipment, or anything else then they are simply not focused completely on the task at hand. I have never agreed with anyone more than Sarah. I have always said that a great athlete has to be able to put everything out of their minds and simply focus on the task at hand. Here’s the thing. We were all training on the same equipment in the same area. Several athletes were killing it. That means everyone was capable of killing it. The ones that focused killed it. The ones that let circumstances fluster them were struggling.

In my experience as an athlete and a coach the attitude of an athlete is truly the defining trait that separates good from great. This is a trait that each of us can control. We can simply choose to put circumstances out of mind, or we can let them dominate us. This is life as well.

The same goes for music, people walking in front of you, and noise. Look in real life there will never be a perfect environment. There will always be something that could be better, but you still have the task in front of you. It was very encouraging to hear an Olympic Bronze Medalist affirm my own thoughts on circumstances. I bet that most champions of sport, business, or life would hold these same beliefs. That’s why so many successful people have great stories of overcoming bad circumstances.

Guys and gals you will either be champions or victims of the circumstances that life deals you. Really the choice is yours. It’s all a mindset. It’s the mindset that you choose to have. The key is focusing on your goal or task at hand with no regard of your circumstances. All one can do is focus on the things that they can control. Everything out of your control is irrelevant. At least this is what the only American Olympic Medalist in this decade says. Personally I will go with her thoughts on this matter.

We have a great team this year. We have a chance for several medals, and we potentially have a shot at a team title. I will keep you all up to date as the week progresses. I am very blessed to be a part of this event. I hope that I can use the opportunity to learn a lot of new information from this amazing compilation of coaches and athletes. I will be bringing all of the new information straight to all of you. As always I want it to be as if you are here with me.

You guys can watch the Pan American Championships live at this link: ==>

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