Muscle Biopsies on Elite Athletes with Andy Galpin – The Barbell Life 184

As a strength coach, I’m still relying on studies done decades ago. In a way, that’s great – because the human body hasn’t changed much since then.

But couldn’t we do better? With our increasing technology, couldn’t we have access to way more information now?

That’s where Dr. Andy Galpin comes in. And he’s about to do something that could change athletics forever.

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Dr. Galpin’s Recent Research

When the recent world weightlifting competitions came to California, Andy had a chance to perform muscle biopsies on some of the best weightlifters in the world. Now he can do fiber type analysis and so much more.

This type of research on an elite athlete has only been done once before on one person. Can you believe that?

Imagine what this could mean. Imagine what this info could tell us.

Well that’s what Andy gets into today on our podcast.


Listen in to today’s podcast as we talk about:

  • – The physiological differences between C.J. Cummings, Harrison Maurus, and the average lifter
  • – How Andy is fixing the biggest problem with science-based athletics
  • – Bears, monkeys, and the latest in fiber types (I learn something new every time!)
  • – How a stupid rumor may have set weightlifting back decades?
  • – The MANY, MANY, MANY ways this research could change everything we know
  • – and much more.


Take a listen here:

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