Maybe We Need a Change

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Maybe We Need a Change


I have two amazing Junior Weightlifters that I simply feel so blessed to coach Dylan Cooper and Nathan Damron. These two guys are on fire right now with their training. They love the sport of weightlifting, and they love to train. A lot of people say they train all the time, these two put their training where their mouths are. Period! They don’t miss! Ever!


Notice Dylan cheering on Nathan in this pic!

They have a slightly different view of training, and lately they have taken a little heat for some of their comments. I definitely want them to respect their peers, but I don’t want them to change one bit. If they are forced to think like everyone else, then they will be like everyone else. I want them to be different. I want them to be better.

Are they crazy? Yeah, they are!

Are they confident? Yeah, you dang right they are!

Are their goals astronomical? Yes, thank goodness!

If we want our athletes in America to do better than they have ever done, then things have to change. You can’t think the same! You can’t train the same! You can’t recruit the same! People we have to change so let these younger lifters change.


Maybe your ultimate goal is to make the Olympics. I say “good for you” go make the Olympics. However don’t hate on someone who says that they are going to medal. Why on earth would you? I don’t understand it!

If you can’t say it, you will never ever do it by accident. Yeah maybe it won’t happen. Then you can sit back and smirk all you want, but don’t step on someone’s dreams. Let them dream big! What is it to you?

Let me go on record right now saying that the one thing that I don’t want to change about these two lifters is the way they think. I will do whatever it is in my power to protect them from anyone trying to change their mindset unless it is to shift their paradigm up a notch.

In one of Dylan’s instagram posts he quotes coach Zygmunt Smalcerz saying, “ Those who are not crazy accomplish nothing in this sport!” You dang right!!!! That goes for all strength sports! If you over analyze, doubt, or limit yourself, you will NEVER succeed immensely in the Iron Sports.

You might perceive Dylan and Nathan as cocky or arrogant! I see them as super confident because they are always lifting up their teammates. Cocky and arrogant people don’t tell their coach all about their USA Teammates. Arrogant people only talk about themselves.


I want Nathan and Dylan to be humble athletes for sure. To me they are always humble, and they know that they have a long ways to go. They are just confident in their abilities to get there. I am too! I just hope that all the rest of you reading this will shift your own paradigm. Shift it UP! Don’t set limits!

• Dream it!
• Say it!
• Write it down!
• Now it is alive!
• Now Plan to reach it!
• Commit to the work needed!
• Constantly reevaluate the plan!
• Continually shift that paradigm up

These two started last night full-time at the compound. Follow them on their journey at their on fire Instagrams:



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