Jon North is Alive and Well

Jon North is Alive and Well

Yesterday I recorded the most incredible podcast of my life. I knew that it would be amazing, but I had no idea that it would be the best podcast of my life. I started my podcasting career with Jon North on “Weightlifting Talk”. It has been an amazing journey ever since.

I ended up coaching Jon for a while, and together we caused some pretty big waves with USAW. I don’t regret those waves at all. Through podcasting and coaching Jon and I became friends. Jon, Jessica, and Lincoln are special people in my heart.

This podcast will reveal a Jon North that a lot of you don’t know. It’s the Jon North that I always knew existed.

In this podcast, we talk:

• What caused the cardiac arrest
• Weeks leading up to it
• What happened during the 15-minutes that he was dead?
• Athletic plans moving forwards
• His walk with Christ
• His life plans moving forwards
• Caffeine and supplement use
• Warning signs that he ignored

Enjoy the podcast at the following link: ⇒ Jon North on his Cardiac Arrest

Your lives will forever be changed. Prepare to cry, be amazed, simply shocked, and truly inspired!

Jon North on his Cardiac Arrest

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  1. You guys brought me to this sport that I fell in love with and saved my life. Musta been a lot of dust in the air because my eyes kept tearing up.

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