Weightlifting Legend and USAW Board Member Jasha Faye – The Barbell Life 276

There have been a lot of changes lately with the USAW.

Rules have been changed, stipend structure has changed, and there are lot of upset people out there.

So we brought USAW board member Jasha Faye on the podcast to give us the straight answers about what’s really going on.

I have so much respect for my good friend who is trying to make American weightlifting the best it can be. Everyone has their opinions – and really at the end of the day, we’re all on the same team.

Plus – Jasha is a legend in the weightlifting world who has seen so much history in the sport. Of course we talk about all of that too!

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  • Doping allegations and the silliness behind them
  • The recent USAW debate about stipend changes and how best to support youth
  • How Dragomir changed everything in weightlifting
  • The game changer to successful recruiting
  • Why women’s weightlifting could change the future of the sport
  • and more…

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