Don McCauley – Journey to Becoming a USAW Level V Coach

Don McCauley has forgotten more about weightlifting than most coaches will ever learn.

He’s coached some of the greatest American lifters ever over a coaching career that spans decades.

So we had the chance to sit him down and get him talking – about everything from his early athletic experiences to starting coaching to his influences to the greatest lifters he’s coached.

This video was recorded the day before Don went in for brain surgery. He’s doing well, but he still has a difficult road ahead of him as he battles this tumor. The Mash Mafia is doing what we can to help him financially during this time – and if you want to join us in supporting him, we all would be very grateful.


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All profits go to benefit the Lenoir-Rhyne Weightlifting Team during this unusual and challenging time. Thank you for your support!

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