Define Success in Your Own Way

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Define Success in Your Own Way


This topic has been on my heart for a long time now. If you watch TV or read a magazine, you will see society defining success as having lots of money, a big house, nice clothes, beautiful women (with their definition of beautiful), and lots of things. I have friends with $200,000,000 companies, and other friends with ideas that could literally change the world. With social media, we are constantly being flooded with “what people are doing”.

All of these combined can cause us to blur the lines of “who we are” and “what we are about”. I am just as guilty as all of you. My friends are constantly inspiring me because I surround myself with amazing people. Sometimes this inspiration will throw me off my path.


Inspiration is a perfectly fine human trait, but if we are not careful, inspiration can turn into envy quickly. Being inspired to surge forward on one’s own path is a great thing. However, when we envy someone for what they have, we will often sway from our own path and try to take someone else’s direction. This deadly emotion can cause people to bounce from one idea to the next while never completing anything of value.

We all know that person who seems to bounce from one idea to the next. Odds are I am talking about that person. They see someone podcasting, so they are going to podcast. They see someone opening a gym, so they are going to open a gym. Look guys, if you want sanity in your lives, you have to define success in your own terms.

When I was at the Barbell Shrugged Mastermind, we talked about this topic as a group. It was good thing for all of us because we were surrounded with successful people. If you’re not careful, a room full of awesomeness can cause one to spiral out of control in a hurry.

Success to me is defined like the following:

• Glorifying God
• Loving my family with all of my heart
• Spending quality time with my family
• Coaching my team to reach their goals
• Help and inspire as many people while I am on earth
• Leaving the world a little better than I found it
• Financial freedom to travel and roam the earth with my wife and children.

That’s it! I don’t care about a big house or a nice car. However, sometimes when I visit my heavy hitting friends, I’ll come home with a mindset to take over the world and build a castle. My wife will just shake her head and remind me of our goals. I am just easily motivated, but my motivation can turn insanity in a heartbeat if I let it.


I am not saying that the things that I want are the most important. On the contrary, I am saying for you to define success in your own way. I am just saying that having your own definition will help you stay on your own path.

Don’t let society, friends, or colleagues define success for you. It’s a slippery slope to sadness because any path that leads you away from your own is a bad one. Inspiration to aggressively pursue your own goals is a great thing as long as you stay in your own lane.

Barbell Shrugged, Cory Gregory, and my best friend KJ constantly inspire me. These guys are heavy hitters, and they all work super hard in their industries to be game changers. As long as I let them inspire me to push forward on my own path, then hanging out with them is nothing but positive and good times. I just have to remind myself constantly about my own goals and path.


I hope that this article will hit home for a lot of you. I wrote this for me as much as for all of you. If you take the time to define success in your own way, you are much more likely to become fulfilled. If you think that money, homes, and being a movie star is success for everyone, then take a look at Robin Williams. He was my favorite comedian and actor of all-time. Society would say that he had everything, but his death told another story.

Chris Moore and I talked a lot about this topic before he passed. The Barbell Shrugged Team came to my farm last September for the Mash Strength Spectacular. Chris and I had the chance to take a walk, and during this walk we had the chance to talk about life. He was a very deep man with a simple plan. He simply wanted to help others, spend time with his beloved family, and enjoy his time on this planet. I believe that he found that peace toward the end of his life.

If you aren’t living the life that you want, I suggest making plans to shift things starting right now. I am not saying to go out and quit your job, but I am saying to work towards living the life that you want. You will experience an extraordinary amount of peace in your life if you are simply working towards your goals. The key is to define success in your own term, make a plan to get there, and then live that plan out.

Being fulfilled is more important than money and fame. My desire to follow my God, love my family, and help others keeps my life filled with joy and purpose. The lonely feelings that used to cloud my soul are long gone. I just hope that all of you will find a path to peace in your life.


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