American Open 2016 Schedule for Team Mash Mafia

In case you guys are trying to keep up with Team Mash Mafia, here is the official schedule for the team:

Mash Mafia Weightlifting
Men’s Team
Brian Risenhour 56A Friday 4pm
Tri Phu 69B Friday 6:30p
Mason Groehler 77A Saturday 4:30p
Jacob Wyatt 77A Saturday 4:30p
Collin Worm 85A Saturday 6:30p
Tom Summa 94A Sunday 1p
Nathan Damron 94A Sunday 1p
Anthony Sannella 105A Sunday 3p

Women’s Team
Danielle Bloomquist 58D Friday 8:30a
Mathlynn Sasser 58A Friday 6:30p
Adrianne Acosta 63A Saturday 6:30p
Rebecca Gerdon 75B Sunday 11a
Genie Francisco 75B Sunday 11a
Tori Brady 90+A Sunday 5:30p

Hunter Elam 63B Sunday at 9am
Justin Eberhart 69c Friday 1:30p
Steve Yanda 69c Friday 1:30p
Katy Davis 69D Saturday at 6:30pm
Nadeen Pierre 69Yth Thursday 7:30pm
Bryan Simone 85E Friday 8:30p
Morgan McCullough 94Yth Thursday 9:30pm
Curvan Williams 94B Sunday 11a
Jeffrey Blackwell 94B Sunday 11a
Grant Debendictus 105+A Sunday 3p

You can check out the live webcast right here:

==> USAW Webcast of the 2016 American Open

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