12/31/13 Workout, Hints, Insight, & Video


Life Insight:
With 2014 quickly approaching, let’s look at things differently this New Year’s Eve. Let’s set goals, make a plan, and make a commitment to the goals and the plan. Don’t even mention “Resolutions”! Mash Mafia Athletes are great because they think like winners! Winners don’t make “resolutions”!

Training Insight:

When you are more than six weeks out from a meet, focus on positions and strength. When you are within six weeks, focus on the lifts that you are about to perform. One should practice the lifts with precision with “meet like” situations, so that nothing could possibly surprise you during the competition.

Sotts Press from Front Clean Rack Position 3 Reps x 3
Jerk Position Jerks 3×3
Clean Pull, clean, 1 front squat, & 1 jerk up to 80%
Clean Pause at Knee & Jerk HS, then 75/3&1, and 80/2&1 (1 miss)
Clean Pulls 105%/3×3(work to speed DL for PLers) ss Pull-ups/5-8 add weight if possiblex 3
Bentover Rows 8RM, then -10%

Met Con:
12 minute AMRAP of:

75 Double-Unders
15 TTB
15 Power Clean & Push Jerks 105/75#
50 Double-Unders
15 TTB
10 Power Clean & Push Jerks 155/105#
25 Double-Unders
15 TTB
5 Power Clean & Push Jerks 175/125#

Check out one of my eighth grade girls squatting 185lbs:

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