12/17/13 Workout & Weightlifting Talk UK


Sotts Press from Front Clean Rack Position 5 Reps x 3
Clean Pull, hang clean, clean, 2 front squats, & 1 jerk up to 80%
Clean & Jerk 90%/1, 80/2
Clean Pulls 110%/3×3(work to speed DL for PLers) ss Pull-ups/5-8 x 3
Bentover Rows 10RM, -10% ss Jerk Position Jerks 3×5

Met Con:
5 rounds for total working time of:

10 OHS 135/95#
50 Lateral Hurdle Jumps over the bar
10 C2B Pull-ups

Rest 1:00 after each round.

Volume is super high. We are trying to strengthen positions and our legs during this phase. Positions are getting stronger, and everyone’s squats are going through the roof. Now I’m preparing to hook up with Jon in the UK via Skype to bring you all Weightlifting Talk! We are learning a lot right now especially the differences in electric wiring!

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