Training 1/10/16, Mobility Work, and Elbow Pain

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Training 1/10/16

This year is starting out well. I did part of today’s workout at the Mash Compound, and the other part was at the family farm, Rolling Hills Stables. Today is the day that I focus mainly on the Olympic lifts, accessory work, and mobility.

If you are able to train in multiple places, personally I recommend it. You always need your go to spot to get right, but I love mixing things up. It keeps training fun, and that’s a key not talked about near enough.

Here’s what it looked like:

Session 1

Snatch Volume 80k x 3, 90k x 2, 100k x 1, 105k/231lb x 1 Comeback PR

Clean & Press Mash Method
75k x 1+3
55k/121lb x 1+10
80k x 1+3
55k x 1+10
85k/187lb x 1+3
55k x 1+10

The Snatch Volume work was a big increase from last week by a total of 50lb total volume. The weight moved a lot better, but I still need more mobility work. I am just not able to get in a position that is comfortable yet during the start. It’s mainly my hips that are jamming everything up. I have damaged hips from my powerlifting days, but that doesn’t mean they can’t improve. It just takes a lot of time.

The Clean & Press was fun. I love overhead press especially with a clean. I think that the clean and press is the manliest strength lift of all. If you can take 315lb from the floor, clean it and then strict press, you possess all the upper body strength necessary to handle any task. I would take a 315lb Clean and Strict Press over a 500lb Bench Press anytime. I can say that because I have done both. Clean and Strict Press is just way more functional. At least that’s my opinion.

I did the 10-reps with 6 more pounds than last week, and I finished with 22lb more in the triples. I will be glad to get this rep count with over 200lb. Having that overhead strength simply makes everything else feel better.

Session 2

1. Rower 250m as fast as possible
Superset with
Half kneeling hip flexor stretch
And Quad Stretch

X 5 sets

2. Axle Bar Bicep Curls 5 x 8
Plate Between Feet Squat x 5 sits
Sumo Stance Twists x 10 ea way

This session was mainly to get some work capacity with the rower, Axle Bar Curls to help my elbows, and mobility work. I am excited about the conditioning work that I have been doing with Ox Mason because the Rower wasn’t that bad.

The Axle Bar Curls really help to alleviate elbow pain. I got this from Dan John. I am not 100% as to why, but here’s my guess. I do almost all of my movements with a pronated grip. Shoot I even deadlift with a double overhand pronated grip. I suspect that the axle bar curls help to open up the joint and restore functional movement. However, I want to do more research on elbow pain and get back to you

Putting a plate between my feet and attempting to squat is to date the best hip mobility movement for me. I normally do this exercise near a rack, so I can hold on. By holding on, I am able to work way down by taking deep breaths and displacing weight back and forth. My hips are just terrible, but this exercise helps to restore function in about one month of daily use. Once you can sit in a full squat with proper position, you can put a green band behind you and attach the other end to a squat rack. This will help with ankle mobility as well. I learned this movement from Tom Sroka and Sean Rigsby during my days at MDUSA.

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