No Weaknesses, Conditioning, and Mobility 1/11/17

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No Weaknesses, Conditioning, and Mobility 1/11/17

Today I started out my training at TFW Winston-Salem with my boy Ox Mason. Wednesday is the day that we focus on muscular imbalance, conditioning, and mobility. Here’s what it looked like:

1. Heavy Bag Carry with seat belt grip
2. Leap Frogs
3. Prowler Push
4. Grasshoppers
5. Bottom Up KB OH Carry
6. Med Ball Rotations into Wall

We performed each exercise for 30-seconds with 30-seconds rest between exercises for 3 Total Sets. We took 2-3 minutes between sets to focus on maximal effort. Those sessions leave me smoked, but feeling better. I believe that training like this is more optimal for long-term training. There aren’t a lot of eccentric contractions or loading of major joints, so there is little damage done of the system. The mobility work leaves my joints especially my hips feeling and functioning better.

I am happy to report that the overhead carries are really having a major impact on my overhead exercises like the Snatch. Every week I get a little better with the position and the strength of this exercise. I will probably try to add in more volume on exercises like this:

• Bottom Up KB Z Press
• One Arm Kettlebell Press or Push Press
• Axle Bar OH Carries
• KB or DB One Arm OH Squats

Here’s the moral of the story. If you have a weakness, you have to attack it on a regular basis. I fractured a cervical vertebra in 2007. That injury damaged the radial nerve in my left arm. There were times when I just assumed that it would never improve. Now I can say that with persistence things can get better.

I am performing a Max Effort Front Squat this evening at the compound, so I will probably report on that tomorrow. You can keep up with these videos on Instagram at:

@masheliteperformance or @coachtravismash

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