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We had a great time as a team yesterday at the Out of Step Weightlifting Meet. Three of our team members competed yesterday: Hannah Black, Matt Wininger, and Cooper Hanson. Hannah and Cooper both set PR Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total marks yesterday. Matt didn’t have the day that he wanted, but he was trying for something special.

Matt was trying to qualify for the Junior Nationals which is mainly for lifters age 18-20. Matt is only 14 years old, so we are super excited about his progress. He came up slightly short, but we are putting on a meet for him next weekend. I believe that if we are more conservative, he will easily make the total. Matt simply needs more competitions and more times under heavy weight, and then the sky is the limit.

Hannah Black rocked the house with a PR Snatch of 77k and a PR Clean & Jerk 90k. These are both meet PRs, and it was the biggest total of the meet by far for this 18 year old. I am super excited to see what she does at the Junior Nationals. We are thinking definitely podium. Here movement has come along so well over the last few months.

Cooper Hanson literally brought the roof down with a meet PR Snatch of 111k, a lifetime PR in the Clean & Jerk of 140k, and a lifetime PR Total of 251k. Let me tell you how he did it! He had FUN! He simply had a great time, and remembered to enjoy the sport that he loves. Cooper is also 18 years old, and I believe that he has just as much potential as anyone on my team to take his game onto the international scene within the next year.

We learned a lot as a team as usual. That’s the cool thing about any meet. If you pay attention, there are always things to learn. I carry a little journal to make notes throughout the meet on all of my lifters. If I notice a pattern, I address it in my programming. If it’s individual, I address it individually. Here are some of things that I learned:

• My team needs multiple reps at their minimums periodically throughout their training.
• Overhead stability for young athletes is a common strength that should be targeted often. We will be using a lot of OH Carries.
• Have Fun! Something that commonly gets forgotten!
• More is not better! I know that a lot of coaches don’t agree with what I am about to say, but the truth is less snatch and clean & jerk is the answer sometimes.

I love my team! I know that God has called me to do exactly what I am doing. I love working with my youth because I can impact their entire lives for the better. Seeing the smile of Hannah and Cooper’s face was priceless to me. However the pain that Matt felt, crushed my heart. These are the things that drive me to always get better as a coach. Today Cooper and I are attending a Pendlay Seminar to learn more. I will never stop learning because of my love for my team, and of course Little Rock as he grows up.

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