Lessons from the Bar Slamming Festival

Bar Slam

Last weekend, the Bar Slamming Festival touched down on Statesville, NC. The Attitude Nation, Bar Slamming Festival, and the Mash Mafia came together to put on one of the best meets of all-time. The Mash Mafia Online Team was a dream that took form during a car ride from Miami, FL with my beautiful wife. Drew was actually the one that first mentioned it, and then my brain took over. The Bar Slamming Festival was definitely part of it because I wanted a cool event for my team to prepare for.

I then took the idea of the Bar Slamming Festival to Jon North and the Attitude Nation, and to Justin Metts and the Garage Games. Then those camps ran with it. The music system, the look, and the set up was all them. It was amazing! Loud music, bar slams, PRs everywhere, and an indescribable energy was all throughout the building.

Right away, I want to thank Muscle Driver USA for sponsoring the event with the best equipment in the world. I also want to thank my friend Pam Fox for hosting the event at CrossFit Cyclone. When I stop to think about the great company that I work for MDUSA, and all the friends that have through the barbell, I realize that God has truly blessed my life. Baby Mash on the way, best wife in the world, daughter Bailey, the Mash Mafia, and my Team at MDUSA! Wow! Blessed!

The biggest challenge that I had was coaching 40 people in one day. I have to say that I was a little afraid of messing up, but I can happily report zero mistakes at the desk, zero bomb outs, and a ton of PRs. Another cool thing was watching my onsite team members mix with my online team members, and they all just hung out together. It was my dream! It was coming true right before my eyes. At the end of Saturday’s contest, we all ate together, and it was as if the online team members had been at my gym forever.

The sports of weightlifting and powerlifting took two steps forward last weekend. I hope that others will learn from it, and provide an experience like the lifters and audience experienced at the Bar Slamming Festival. I wanted to give a play by play of my team, but with 40 people I am afraid that I would mess it up. I am going to put a massive video together over the next few weeks that will highlight all of my lifters.

Here are some points to learn:

1. Dreams are great, but making them reality is amazing!
2. Love for people will take you a long ways!
3. High energy is the key to amazing meet!
4. Look around you for the gifts God has given!

Yesterday was one of the best Barbell Life Podcasts of all-time! Check it out:


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