Lessons From a Coach

The last year has really been a roller coaster, and I have had a lot of great things happen at the Mash Mafia Compound. Tonight I want to give all the younger coaches some insight, suggestions, and warnings. I want to leave this world having made this industry a little better than I found it. To do this I want to make the young coaches better than I will ever be. That way I can assure Baby Mash has the greatest coaches on earth.

Here is a little insight for all of you up and coming coaches out there. This is for you Athletic Performance, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting coaches seeking to be the best coaches in America. My goal has always been to be the best coach in America. To accomplish this mission, I have researched, studied, met coaches, and made friends with the best in the business. I suggest you have the same goal, to be the best. To do this you should never be satisfied with the amount of knowledge that you have. The second you think that you know everything, I suggest looking for a new career or retiring.

Get in the trenches! Never stop your journey under the bar! Dave Tate and Jim Wendler are both friends of mine, and both of them gave me this bit of advice. Staying in the trenches and leading from the front, allows you to take a General Patton approach. Athletes follow people that can still perform the movements that they teach. It’s just human nature. When I worked with Louie Simmons, I listened to every word that he said because I still respected him as an athlete as well. It’s just human nature! It’s just hard to take advice from out of shape broken down people.

Love your athletes! This and this alone will cause you to go to any lengths. If my athlete wants to play Division I sports, then I am going to go out of my way to bring them the best program possible. You will also want the best for them. You will prepare them emotionally, physically, and more importantly spiritually. I want all of my athletes to be prepared for their future, and I want them to know what true joy is all about. I want them to know about purpose.

Here is a big one that I want you all to listen to. If there are athletes in your facility with conflicts, have them work things out immediately. Rumors, gossip, and silent anger can kill a facility. A coach’s job is to lead their team. That doesn’t mean just during the few hours a day that you train them. It means all the time, and in all areas of life. If you don’t have the time to do this, find a new career. Dave Tate also told me that if there was someone that was a cancer and wouldn’t buy in, to let them go swiftly and quickly. This is truth.


1. Desire to be the best and never stop striving!
2. Stay under the bar!
3. Love your athletes!
4. Keep the atmosphere perfect!

My Workout Today

Power Snatch 110×1
Power Clean 130 x 1
Behind Neck Jerks 143k

I took today as a deload. I am going to hit it hard tomorrow. Traveling this past weekend took a lot out of me, so I used this workout to get the rust off. Still pumped for the Bar Slamming Festival!

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