Deadlift Party at Big House Power World HQ & Bringing the Juice

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“Deadlift Party at Big House Power World HQ”

I just got back from the first Deadlift Party at Coach Joe Kenn’s “Big House Power World HQ”, and I can say that I had a great time. We had a guest appearance from TFW Creator Martin Rooney, which is always fun. Ox joined me with a host of other characters for some fun, big lifts, and idea swapping. Guys this is where real knowledge is passed on. By all means, I want all of you to study and understand all the elements that make up Exercise Science, but you have to get out from behind a book to get the real world experience.

Martin really sparked the most influential conversation about what he calls “bringing the juice”. That means great strength coaches have to be able to put on a show each and every day. I didn’t realize that there are people out there actually doing studies about the ability of coaches to motivate their athletes. They are proving positive that coaches with the ability to motivate have a better chance of increasing the performance of their athletes.

Now that is something that seems obvious to me. Most of the coaches that I hang around with would think that motivation is super important, but there are coaches out there that only care about the “X’s and O’s”. Yes that’s important, but without “the juice” that knowledge is rendered useless. We were actually rattling off examples of some very knowledgeable coaches that absolutely lacked any results to speak of. All that I can say is that my interest is peaked to find out more about this topic.

I am super excited about my deadlift. After only one full week of Deadlifting, I hit a relatively easy 605lb Deadlift this morning. One week ago, I pulled for the first time in well over six months, and I only hit 495lb. That’s not bad for one week of work.

Yesterday I performed a double day. Here’s how it went:

Session 1

I started out a Ox Mason’s TFW Winston-Salem. I was scheduled to Clean and Jerk and Bench Press, but I didn’t have “The Juice”. For once I listened to my body, and I only Bench Pressed and mobilized.

Bench Press Mash Method-

295lb x 3
215lb x 10
320lb x 3
225lb x 10
340lb x 2
225lb x 10

I was hoping to hit the 340lb for a triple, but it just wasn’t in the cards. However, the double was a comeback PR, so I will take it. I just needed some extra rest and food, so that’s exactly what I did.

I went home and ate a ton of good food, and I took time out to get in a little rest. I also went to my go to recovery method. I took a Hot Bath. I was able to rest, recover, and relax my mind. Then it was time for session 2!

Session 2-

I trained with my team at the compound for Max Out Friday. There were some good vibes going around the gym, so we had a lot of fun.

Clean & Jerk Volume-
110k x 3
120k x 2
130k/286lb x 1

Front Squat Mash Method-

170k x 3
120k x 10
180k x 3
120k x 10
190k/418lb x 3 PR Triple
140k/308lb x 10 PR Ten

I took it easy on the Clean & Jerks and focused on technique. Then I turned up the volume for the Front Squats. This Mash Method Program has really helped to get me stronger and feeling better about my positions. Now it’s time to rest, recover, and have some fun with my family.

I hope that these journals are helping you guys out. I am having a lot of fun writing about my daily adventures. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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