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AM Running:

3 rounds

1,000 m mod pace

200 m easy pace

2×50 meter max effort

2 min rest


Clean and Jerk/ Snatch









Row 250 meters

12 kettlebell snatch @ 24 kg

10 burpee pullups

Definitely not a fun metcon. Much harder than I thought.



Front Squat 1×10 60%, 1×8 70%, 1×6 75%, 1×4 80%

Back Squat 1×5 60%, 3×5 70%


30 muscle ups for time- got a big PR on this, my time was just over 5 minutes



Push Press @ 95


Ring Dips

Bar Facing Burpees

Calorie Row

Morning session:Row
5 rounds of:
2 min @ mod pace (2k PR + 5 sec)
2 min @easy (2k PR + :30)
*score is total distance
Evening session:
3 Push press + 3 Push jerk + 3 Split jerk (20 min)
DB/KB bench press
Neutral DB/KB bent over rows
4×10 (heavier than last week)
banded face pulls
Band pressdowns 1×100
Landmine woodchoppers
Front squat
1×10@60%, 1×8@65%, 1×8@70%, 1×8@75%
Back squat
1×5@60%, 1×5@65%, 2×5@70%
For time:
1,000m row
5 rounds of
10 power snatch @75
10 bar facing burpees
800m ski erg
Morning session: Bike
5 sets:
:60 @mod pace
:30 @fast
:20 @sprint
2 min @easy/recovery (not barely pedaling)
Evening session:
8 RFT:
50m shuttle sprint
5 R. arm DB SQUAT snatch @50lbs
5 L. arm DB squat snatch @50lbs
7 T2B
Dead hang pull ups
Strict HSPU



Max Effort 1 mile- got 6:24, which is over a minute faster than the last time I ran!


150 wallballs @ 20 lbs

every minute do 1 legless rope climb

This was really hard and I knew it would be. Took almost 12 minutes to complete.



18 Cal Row

15 Thrusters @ 65

12 chest to bar

One of the Crossfit Linchpin Tests (#4)


For videos, follow me on Insta @Becky_guns



EMOM 10 min Touch and Go Power Clean 3 reps starting at 105 and ending at 165

AMRAP 12 minutes

250 Row

10 Thrusters @ 75

Two of my least favorites = such fun time….

AMRAP 20 minutes

10 Toes to Bar

20 Hand Release Push Ups

30 Wall Balls

Toes to bar went great, all unbroken sets. As usual push ups and wallballs challenged my will to live.



1200 meter run

40 GHD situps

Was able to do the last set of GHDs unbroken, which was a personal best. Running was nice since the weather was beautiful.


2 Rope Climbs, 15 ft

10 Handstand Pushups

9:26 on this one, I tried to get all rounds of HSPU unbroken but missed on my very last set 🙁


30-24-18 Overhead Squats

15-12-9 Bar Facing Burpee


Morning Session:

5 rounds of Running

400 meters mod pace

100 easy pace

200 fast pace

100 easy pace

100 max effort

2 min rest


Evening Session:

Clean and Jerk : 55% x 3 65% x 3 75% x 2 80% x 2 85% x 1 90 x1

Snatch: same as above


Jackie and a half:

1000 meter row

50 thrusters @ 45

30 pullups

500 meter row

25 thrusters

15 pullups

The idea was to go for a PR on Jackie and survive the last round. I did end up getting a new PR of 6:51 and just tried not to die on the last movements. First time getting all of the thrusters unbroken so that was both great and awful.


Morning Session:

Rowing (exact same as running workout from Monday)


Back Squat 5×10 @ 55% (200 lbs)


25 Wallballs

25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

25 Box Jumps

25 Push Press

25 Calorie Row

1 Min Rest

This was another spin on Fight Gone Bad. The box jumps were probably my weakest link on this workout with wallballs and push press being the best.


Morning Session:

Assault Bike (exact same as running and rowing morning sessions)


1 Push Press + 3 Back Squat + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

My goal on this was to PR my push press which I did at 200. I was so excited I promptly accidently slid the bar off my back and had to do the rest of the complex again.



Morning session:

3 x 1,000 meter row with 4 minutes rest between


1 rep max back squat

Back squat felt pretty good, I don’t think I have gone over 300 in awhile so it was great to get 355, which is close to my all time best at 365.

4 rounds for time:

500 meter row

Bear complex at 95 lbs

1 min rest between rounds

We did the old school version of the bear complex: power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press for 7 rounds without ever removing your hands on the bar. If you would take your hands of the bar you have to start the 7 rounds all over again. I got this in 19:30, my transitions were too slow so next time I will get to the barbell faster off the rower.



21 push press @ 95

400 meter run

18 push press

400 meter run

15 push press

400 meter run

12 push press

400 meter run


3 front squat + 2 push jerk + 1 split jerk

Push jerk was definitely the weak point on this for me, as you can see I look like one of those wacky inflatable tube men.

Bench press 4 x 10 @ 125 lbs

Other assorted lifting and accessories that I don’t feel like typing out.



30 min max calories on assault bike, 1 min max effort 1 min recovery pace

This was horrible. No other way to describe it. 100% suck. I was aiming for 300 calories, ended up at 284, contemplated my awful existence due to crippling disappointment. Thoughts while on the bike, “I want to die. If I quit now no one will know. Ill just make up a score. I am dying. This is the end. Oh my god it has only been 10 minutes. My legs are failing. Do I really want to be an athlete? How is it only 12 minutes? I am going to freak out. This is probably a panic attack.” Try this out if you hate yourself.


Tabata Ground and Pound

A throwback to my MMA days. It’s great to hit the grappling dummy, but would be better if it were an actual live person. For me anyway.

12 min AMRAP

6 squat snatch @ 95 lbs

12 chest to bar

24 double under

Got right under 6 rounds. Chest to bars continue to be my weak link. Hopefully I can improve them more by the open.



Monday 1/17/17

After much procrastination, here is my first post.

Normally I would have a cardio session in the morning, but the citywide panic over Winter Storm Jupiter made me nervous about the roads enough to move it to Thursday morning.

Since my focus is preparing for the Crossfit Open I am doing the majority of my lifting in metcons. Monday I had some typical strength work for Clean & Jerk and Snatch (each with a 20 min time cap).

50% x 3

60% x 3

70% x 2

75% 2 x 2

80% x 1

85% x 1

88 x 1

I missed one snatch at 85% (170lbs) but other than that everything went well. I chose not to wear my olympic shoes for a little variety and spice.

After the lifting it was time to do “Karen.” For those who don’t know, Karen is a Crossfit benchmark workout consisting of 150 wallballs for time. Since it shares a name with my mother it always makes me a special kind of nervous and also anxious to prove my financial independence. This time I chose to attack it by sets of 25 with about 10 seconds of rest between sets. I ended up at 5:45, which is a 50 PR for me from last time I tested it about 3 months ago.

Thanks for reading!

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